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London was founded by Romans 2000 years ago and the city was called Londinium. It is the most important city because it is the capital of United Kingdom and because there are Britain’s main port and the centre of business and finance. London has a population of about 7 million and over 20 million of tourists visit London every year. 11 million of tourists visit London from abroad. In London there are over 29 bridges, some for cars, some for trains and some for pedestrians. The Romans built the first bridge over the river Thames in AD 43 and the people of London built the second bridge in 1747. The means of transport in London are black taxis, double dicker red buses, waterbuses, and the Underground that was opened to the public in 1863.
You go shopping in Harrods and in Covent Garden. Charles Henry Harrods founded Harrods. He was a grocer in the East end of London. Harrods is a big and important store. It has 300 departments, 7 floors, over 3000 staff and about 35.000 customers a day. On the other hand in Covent Garden you can find street musicians, buskers, punk, Mohicans, and in the ‘60s was good street fashion the miniskirt. Covent Garden another centre shopping of London and it was the centre of street life. London entertainment’s are cinemas, theatres, and buskers in fact in London there are 130 cinemas and over 60 theatres. There are also a lot of park (Hyde Park, St. James Park, Regent’s Park…) In the park you can run, have a pick-nick, walk and relax.
In the evenings you can go at the clubs, discos, pubs, bar and restaurants.
London is also a cultural centre in fact you can see a cathedrals (St. Paul Cathedral, Westminster Abbey…), churches, museums (British museum), art galleries and palaces (the houses of Parliament with Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and Trafalgar square). Madame Tussaud is a particular museum. She was a French Madame brought her exhibition to London in 1802. Tourists like London because your shopping, clubs, food, building, museums, the culture and watching the people and all variety of London in fact Doctor Johnson, a famous English writer said “When a man is tired of London, he is tired of Life”