Emma, J. Austen

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Emma Woodhouse was a beautiful, clever and rich girl. She lived in the village of Highbury nearby London. She was twenty-one and was the younger of two daughters but only she lived with her father at the family home. Her mother died when she was five, so her father found Miss Taylor, a woman, who looked after his two daughters. She became their teacher and friend.
But a day Emma’s life changed, because Miss Taylor decided to get married to Mr Weston. So Emma and her father were left alone.
Some evening their friends came to visit them and to play cards, but they were older as Emma. But once Emma was luckier, because came Harriet Smith a seventeen girl. She had no living family, was pretty and Emma immediately became friends. After that evening, Harriet spent a lot of time at Hartfield, Emma’s home, and she and Emma were often together.
They spoke about boys, like Mr Robert Martin, a kind and clever farmer, and Mr Elton, the vicar, a perfect gentleman.
Emma thought to a match between Harriet and Mr Elton, but the girl got a letter: Mr Martin had written to ask her to marry him. Emma advised to refuse him and Harriet did so. Mr Knightley, a family friend, reproached Emma because this possibility for Harrier could be the first and the last.
Harriet was making herself a little book of poems. One day Emma told Mr Elton about it and the next day he left a paper with a short poem, what was addressed to Miss -. Emma thought that it was for Harriet and that Mr Elton was fallen in love with her. Harriet was very delighted.
The next day Emma had to visit a poor sick family in the village and Harriet went with her. The road to this house passed the church and then later Mr Elton’s house and for a moment they stopped to look at it. They continued the walk and visited the family. As they walked back they met Mr Elton and Emma tried to leave alone her friend and the vicar. For a moment she succeeded but they waited for her to catch up with them.
Isabella, John Knightley and their children arrived at Hartfield the week before Christmas. They talked about their friends and of course they talked about Mrs, Mr Weston and his son Frank, who was adopted to his aunt and uncle when his mother died. He saw his father once a year in London.
On Christmas Eve the family Woodhouse, Harriet, Mr Elton and Mr Knightley were asked to join the family Weston. Two carriages were going from Hartfield and Mr Woodhouse arranged to meet Mr Elton at his house and take him to the Weston’s house. The day before, Harriet became ill and so she couldn’t go. During the dinner they told about Frank. He could be the future husband of Emma, because they were family’s friends and she was in him interested. In the return Emma was alone in the carriage with Mr Elton, who sad her that he loved her and that he would die if she refused to marry him. Emma was so surprised that she didn’t know what had to say, she thought he loved Harriet.
That night was difficult for Emma to sleep. She didn’t worry about had happened in the carriage with Mr Elton, but she felt very sad for Harriet. She loved him and it was because of her. Luckily the next day was a lot of snow outside and she couldn’t see nobody. As soon as possible Isabella and her family went back to London, Mr Elton leaved Highbury going to Bath and Emma went to speak with Harriet, she cried.
Mr Frank Churchill didn’t come and he wrote a letter of excuse. Emma told about it to Mr Knightley, who was becoming angry and she couldn’t understand why.
Emma and Harriet were out walking one morning and because Harriet thought always to Mr Elton they visited some old friends: Mr and Mrs Bates. They talked about Miss Fairfax, their niece. Her parents had died when she was young and she had come in Highbury to live with her grandmother and aunt. But then she went to live with the family Campbell, because Mr Campbell was an old friend her father’s. Jane was coming to stay there three months next week. A lot of people were exited but not Emma. Although it Emma invited they for an evening of music. In that party Emma tried to speak with Jane but she was a little bit cold. The only topic was Mr Frank Churchill, whom she met in Weymouth.
The next day Emma came to know that Mr Elton was marrying a Miss Augusta Hawkins of Bath and she would to say the new to Harriet, but she was very exited, because she had met Elizabeth Martin and her brother, so Emma said nothing.
Mr Elton returned to Highbury a happy man and Harriet became unhappy. One day when the both ladies were shopping they met Mr and Mrs Weston, who said them that Frank was coming tomorrow. They were happy and Emma delighted.
The next morning he came with Mr Weston at her house. They talked about their life and hobbies. He was a very handsome, simple and friendly man.
Emma’s good opinion of Frank was shaken a little the next day when she heard he had gone to London just to have his hair cut. There was an other new in Highbury: some neighbours, Mr and Mrs Cole were going to hold a party. At dinner she sat next Frank and they talked together. Harriet and other ladies were invited to arrive later and Emma was happy of that. A certain extent Mrs Weston asked Emma an opinion: if was wrong made a match between Miss Fairfax and Mr Knightley. And she was absolutely adverse. After this discussion she played the piano and danced with Frank. The Youngs had very good feeling.
The next day Emma was exited for the previous evening. So she with her father would to continue that party, with music and dancers at Mr Weston’s house. It wasn’t a good idea, because there wasn’t enough place. But they thought to do this party at the Crown, what had more and bigger rooms. Mr and Mrs Weston with Frank and Emma went immediately to visit this place, and in the meantime came Miss Bates and Jane too. Unfortunately, a few days before the ball a letter came from Mrs Churchill. She was very ill and Frank had to return home. So the party was cancelled and Emma was very sad, but with the time she notices that she wasn’t in love with Frank. Almost as soon as Frank left Highbury Mr Elton and his wife Augusta arrived and it made not so happy Harriet. The first Emma’s impression about August was not so nice, she wasn’t so elegant and she didn’t seem a lady. She spoke too much and about crazy ideas.
During the next few weeks, Emma didn’t change her opinion and Mrs Elton became interested in Jane Fairfax. One afternoon at Randalls, Emma, Mrs Weston and Knightley were discussing Jane. At the end of the discussion the two women thought that Mr Knightley wasn’t in love with the young lady but they had to see the end.
Everybody wanted to entertain Mr and Mrs Elton and the family Woodhouse too. Emma invited the Westons, Mr Knightley, Harriet, who didn’t come, Jane Fairfax and the Isabella’s husband and sons. The day of the party came and before the dinner Emma was surprised at Jane, who was waiting a letter, and after Mr Weston said that the Churchill are going to stay in Richmond for a few months-only nine miles from here, so Frank can be with us often. Everybody looked forward to seeing him again. Emma thought about him and hoped that he loved her less. And it was so when he came and would to decide a date for a ball at the Crown Inn. That day came Frank was busy with his guests and Emma was delighted to see many people dancing, but she was sad to see Mr Knightley and Harriet didn’t dance. The next time the both young people danced together, after the refuse of Mr Elton to Harriet. After the dinner Emma had an opportunity to talk with Mr Knightly about the story of Mr Elton and Harriet: he had right. After that they started the dancing again, they weren’t exactly brother and sister.
A day after the ball Emma thought that dancing with Mr Hightley was great. She was in the garden when Frank brought Harriet, who fainted, to her. Slowly she became better and began to tell what was her happened. She had been out with a friend and they are walking along the Richmond Road, when they suddenly met a group of gipsies. She gave him some money and they surrounded her. At the moment, Frank, who came along the road, saved her and brought her to Hartfield. There the two ladies spoke alone about the Harriet’s love for Frank but she had few possibilities because he came from a good family and couldn’t think of marrying her.
In June, Mrs Elton arranged a trip to Box Hill, a beautiful place in the countryside. It was going to be a simple picnic. But it failed for an unexpected occurrence. So she spoke with Mr Knightley and decided to do just like a gipsy party, walking around his garden, picking his strawberries and sitting under trees. At the party Emma said to Frank about the trip to Box Hill was putted off the next day and he decided to come. It should a happy party, but it wasn’t. Emma was bored and Frank tried to make it better, but they together hurt Miss Bates about her not intelligence and that was underlined to Emma by Mr Knightley. The young lady felt guilty.

The next morning Emma decided to call Miss Bates. She told Emma that Jane will to stay to Mrs Smallridge, an old friend of Mr Elton’s, to look after three delightful little girls. When she arrived Mr Knightley was at Hartfield. He would to her say that he was going to London to spend a few days with John and Isabella and then he went away.
The next day brought news from Richmond: Mrs Churchill, Frank’s aunt, had suddenly died. Emma’s first wish at this time wasn’t for Harriet but for Jane. Emma wrote to her and invited her to come to Hartfield for a day. But Jane refused twice and Emma had no doubt: Jane didn’t want any kindness from her. One morning Mr Weston called Emma to go back to Randalls with him, because Mrs Weston must see her alone. She went and spoke with Mrs Weston. She told that Frank and Jane have been secretly engaged since they met in Weymounth last October and she worried for her reaction. But Emma told to her the situation and that she wasn’t fall in love with Frank. Now the problem was say that to Harriet and she was just home when Emma arrived. She knew just the news and said to Emma that she was fallen in love with Mr Knightley. The rest of the day and the next night she didn’t stop thinking about it, because she loved him since a lot of time. That evening there was a storm and Emma was very sad for three reasons: Mrs Weston was going to have a baby, so they were probably going to see less of her, Jane and Frank were getting married and if Mr Knightley and Harriet married she would lose her two important friends.
An afternoon Emma was in the garden and saw Mr Knightley go in. Emma was really afraid for a future wedding between him and Harriet. He knew just the new of the Frank’s wedding and he worried for Emma too, but she explained that she didn’t love him. So Mr Knightley said to her that he had always loved her. Naturally she answered positively and in the later day Mr Knightley returned to Hartfield to ask Emma to may him. They said that to her father and that they will live there forever. Harriet was invited to London and before Emma wrote and explained the situation.
About two weeks later Mr Knightley told Emma he had sent Robert Martin to London with a message for John and at his house he met Harriet again. During the evening he told her he still loved her and she agreed to marry him. Emma was very surprised but happy for Harriet.
That afternoon Emma and her father drove to Randalls. There was alone Mrs Weston, but in the garden there were Mr Weston with Frank and his future wife, Miss Fairfax, her aunt and her grandmother. They were everybody happy to see them and to know the news.
The next day Harriet arrived back in Highbury, she was invited to Hartfield by Emma and she saw that Mr Knightley had right about Mr Martin, because he was polite and kind and she had no doubt that Harriet was always going to be happy with him.
Before the end of September Harriet and Robert Martin were married in Highbury church by Mr Elton. Jane and Frank Churchill had planned their wedding for November and Emma and Mr Knightley thought October was a good time for theirs. Their wedding was a simple one, with a small group of true friends who were invited were delighted by it, and Emma and her husband were perfectly and completely happy.