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The chief themes of the book are the craving of power that makes the man do cruel things, the inclination of the man for overworking the weaker and the less intelligent and the degeneration of the revolution that becomes dictatorship.

* Old Major: he was a twelve-year-old pig, quite stout with a wise and benevolen

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1798 wrote Northanger Abbey

when her father died, her family settled at Chawton, where she produce her most nature works
→ Mansfiedl Park (1814)
→ Emma (1816)
→ Persuasion (1818)

1817: die because of Addison's disease in Winchester (buried in Winchester Cathedral)
her novel had been publishe

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Robert Browning’s great works are ‘The Ring and the Book’ and ‘Dramatic Romances and Lyrics’. The extract we can read is ‘A heart… too soon made glad’, which belongs to the ‘My Last Duchess’. The setting is the castle of the Duke of Ferrara, Alfonso II D’Este and he spoke about his forst wife, who he killed after 3 years of marriage (1561). His wife’s

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His most important work is SONGS OF EXPERIENCE (1794) .
He also wrote : THE FRENCH REVOLUTION , A POEM IN SEVEN BOOKS (1791) , A MERICA A PROPHECY (1793) and MILTON (1803-08)

songs of innocence(1789) and songs of experience(1793) :
songs of innocence and songs of experience are two distinct but parallel productions , they are comp

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The expression “Industrial Revolution” usually refers to that period in which England had an economic development from 1760 to the middle of the 19th century,and it sealed the Britain’s transformation from an agricultural to an industrial country.
During this revolution , new sources of power (for example coal

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1881/82 - Alla pubblicazione del primo volume di poemi nel 1881, Poems, seguì un fortunato ciclo di conferenze negli Stati Uniti sui preraffaeliti e sull'estetismo. Tornato in Europa, si stabilisce a Parigi, dove scrive due drammi romantici: Vera e La duchessa di Padova. Anche a Parigi i suoi modi di gran signore e la sua conversazione brillante, in cui

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Circa la riscrittura del dramma shakespeariano “Riccardo III”si può notare non solo come Bene sia in grado di citare Eliot facendo sì che la sua poetica si fondi completamente con quella riccardiana senza quasi lasciare traccia di contaminazione apparente, ma anche come riesca ad amputare parti del testo o a trascrivere dialoghi e monologhi tagli

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It is a very realistic and detailed passage. There are a lot of epithet thanes, kennings, adjectives like strong, gallant and fearless. The Anglo-Saxon soldiers were brave, generous, courageous and loyal. The betrayal was a serious fault.
vv. 9 I suoi coraggiosi seguaci trovarono poco da ridire sulla sua audace avventura, anche se g

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In returned to Dublin in 1699, when the father died. In London he met Steele and Addison and they wrote A tale of Tub.
He was active in the politic life and he supported the Wings; but after he joined the Tories; he was introduced to writers of similar political views( such us Pope, Gay, Congreve); together they formed the Scriblerus Club( they s