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The old English ballads include the best exciting poetry in the language. Most of them had been composed from 1350 to 1550, so the language is different from the modern English. Maybe the best ballads come from northern England and southern Scotland. The ballad is a narrative poem: it tells a story. The most popular subjects which appear are sex and vio

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The Celts came from the North of Europe. They divided in two groups; a group went to Britain, the other one went to Gale. In 55 B.C Julius Caesar made the first expedition in Great Britain because he wanted to know this isle and because he wanted to punish the Celts for the help given to the Gales. He wasn’t ready to attack the Celts in a proper way; s

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PROSE (pag.55)
Anglo-Saxon prose developed thanks to King Alfred who ordered to write the Anglo-Saxon chronicle. He was a very learned man and founded a school for nobles and he himself translated “Historia Ecclesiastica Gentis Anglorum” by Bede and De Consolatione Filosofiae by Boezio. Then we have to remember Aelfric who translated from the Old Te

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The king was elected by the witan composed by the most important nobles or thanes from the seven kingdoms. They were organized in villages. Every village was governed by the thane whose task was to make everybody obey the law and to guide his man to battle. There were no prisons, the criminals where mutilated, hanged or submitted to a trial by ordeal.

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THE FEAST after that Hrothgar's men invited the Geats to the banquet and offered them to seat to the courageous visitors. The cellarman carried flasks of mead to the feast. The mead was bright and sweet . the bard enterteined the visitors with songs and everybody drank and enjoyed themselves.
BEOWULF SPOKE… Beowulf who is the son of t

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As regards natural elements, we can find: “Sylvan” on line 3, “flowery” on line 4, “leaf” on line 5 and “dales of Arcady” on line 7. There is also an expression referring to PASSION: “wild ecstasy” on line 10. Also SOME PEOPLE are mentioned: “bride” on line 1, “foster-child” on line 2, “deities or mortals” on line 6 and “men or gods” on line 8. In this

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The action takes place in London and its environs in the early 1700's on a single day. The story begins at noon (Canto I) at the London residence of Belinda as she carefully prepares herself for a gala social gathering. The scene then shifts (Canto II) to a boat carrying Belinda up the Thames. To onlookers she is as magnificent as

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The title seems to revolve the play on Caesar, in reality, the play is named after him, and the events of the play all relate to him. However, Caesar only appears in three scenes (four if the ghost is included), thus apparently making him an unlikely choice for the protagonist, who is supposed to be the main character. Meanwhile, Brutus, who is in the p

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→ He starts from the particular, concrete, physical to general, abstract, spiritual,
• wit → ability to use strange metaphors
• paradox → a statement that seems absurd, but that expresses a truth
• pun → a play on words based on different meanings of words that sound alike
• simil

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• Politics: A fervent supporter of the French Revolution later he turned to political and religious convervatorism (disillusioned by the period of terror).
• Love: in France William met Anne Vallon and he fell in love with her. They had a child and he wanted to marry her, but he was constricted by his family to return in England. In 1802 he married