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The theme of the double will be dealt also by Stevenson at the end of the XIX century. In his novel "The strange case of Dr. Jackill and Mr. Hide" the duplicity of the human nature becomes more explicit, in fact the same man, drinking a potion, can make dominant the one or the other disposition of his soul. The theme of the ambivalence is reinforced by

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• Leonard
Leonard was a patient of the neurological cronical hospital. Since he was a child he had problems with his hands, and slowly he became paralythic. Leonard was he first patient that reacted at the stimulus that Dr, Sayer gave to the patients, in fact on him the doctor concentrated all his efforts to find a cure. When the doctor fou

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In England the movement spread around the 70s (1870) and most important representative of English aestheticism was Oscar Wilde. English aestheticism too developed as a reaction against utilitarism and materialism of middle class but also against the values of Victorian’s society.
The English aesthete was called “dandy”. Wilde was the most importan

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Daniel Defoe wrote other important novels as Moll Flanders (1722) and Lady Roxana (1724)....

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The subject matter:
The mind of the character,his illness.
Cosini uses a colloquial in a regular sintax.
The loss of common values during the first decades of the 20th century riflected in teh analysis of the character's.
Main characters:
Presented from the inside.

Setting in time and space

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Nella sua opera si possono identificare quattro momenti:
1) Quello dei racconti, immagini di vita e di umanità dublinesi incise con precisione e registrate con minuzia, che possiedono però anche, sia singolarmente sia l'una in rapporto all'altra, una profonda dimensione simbolica: Dublinesi (Dubliners, 1915), noti in Italia anche con il titolo Gente

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Explain briefly the meaning of the names of some characters (Dorian – Sibyl – Henry)
Dorian is a name that evokes the splendour of ancient Greece, whilst his surname, Gray, sounds like grey, the colour which symbolises the indecision between white (good) and black (bad).
Sibyl reminds us of Greek women who were prophets and told the truth, but h

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Zeus was the god of the lightning, the rain and the thunder. He had a lot of wifes (Maia, Danae, Europa, Semele, Leda, Themis…) and a lot of sons (Hermes, Heracles, Perseus, Minos, Dionysus, Athena…). His wifes were the symbols of fertility.
Another legend said that the first god was Uranus, husband of Gaea (symbol of earth). From their union were b

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