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During Victoria’s reign two of Britain’s modern parties were born: the Conservatives grew out of the old Tories, and the Liberals out of the Whigs. In 1900 was founded also the Labour Party. Liberals and Conservatives have different political view but they alternated in power: Peel and Disraeli were Conservatives; Palmerston and Gladstone were Liberals.

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CHOICE OF PSEUDONYM: “George” was very English and suggested common sense; “Orwell” was the name of his fauvorite river.
REPUTATIONS: internationally known thanks to Animal Farm.
DEATH: of tubercolos in 1950.
He was a prolific book-rewiewer, critic, political journalist and pamphleteer in the tradition of the author Swi

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Tintern Abbey, located in the valley of the river Wye, in Wales, was founded by Cistercian monks in 1131 and destroyed at the beginning of 1500. Wordsworth visited its ruins when he was 23, and returned there 5 years later.
Summary and commentary in relation to the key idea. Written in blank verse, the poem is Wordsworth’s first major expl

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Il ragazzo fa l’accompagnatore nei funerali dei bambini e sarebbe diventato un grande professionista se non fosse per la sua fuga. Dopo essere punito dal suo padrone ingiustamente, decide di fuggire con il fagottino sulla spalla.Va per giorni e giorni e finalmente raggiunge Londra assieme ad un amico conosciuto per la strada. Charles Bates è un ragazzi

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Byron was very important for the development of Mary Shelley's best work, in fact it was from the discussion on art and life between her and Byron, that Mary wrote FRANKENSTEIN, published anonymously.
Mary's life was influenced from a lot of family disasters, such as his husband's drowning and the death of three of t

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CLIMAT: Il est tropical; moderè en inverne; precipitations de june à octobre.
Les français se sont installès aux Antilles il y a plus de 300 ans.
Des esclaves ont ètè amenès d’Afrique pour travailler dans les champs de canne à sucre , plus tard des ouvriers venus d’Inde ont ètè engagès: les personnes du Martiniqu

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AREA 7,7million square km
POPULATION 18 080 000 (mostly of British and southern European origin; also immigrants from south- east Asia; 230 000 Australian Aboriginals)
MAIN CITIES Canberra (capital, 325 000)
Sydney (3.3 million)
Melbourne (2.9 million)

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The English language evolved into Middle English dropping German and French inflections.
until the 14th century in England were spoken three languages: French among the nobility, Latin among the clergy and English among the common people.

The Plantagenets

In 1154 Henry II of Anjou was made king. He restored order and stabilit

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Ballad and lyric
During the Middle Age lyrics became a popular form. Most the earliest lyrics were religious in tone and theme, about Christ or Virgin Mary .we have also love lyrics influenced by French troubadours in which the lady and his relationship with her lover are idealized. In the end, another kind of literature were narrative poems, not in

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Dans cette comédie en cinq actes et en prose, le riche Harpagon plonge ses deux enfants Elise et Cleante dans la misère matérielle et morale à cause de sa maladive avarice. Il veut donner sa fille Elise, qui aime un jeun garçon, en mariage au riche mais vieux seigneur Anselme parce que celui-ci est disposé à la prendre sans dot. Cepend