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Shakespeare’s texts presents 2 important themes: love and the passing of time. Shakespeare viewed love as a winning force; in fact Romeo and Juliet defy their families’ wishes in the name of love. Antony and Cleopatra love for other reasons. Love however , is subject to the passing of time, so only art and poetry can beat the

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In this period he wrote the Lyrical Ballads with Coleridge; this lyrics begins with his Preface. The first poem belong to Coleridge (Ancient Mariner); the last belongs to Wordsworth (Tintern Abbey). These years were also characterized by other poems such as “The prelude” an autobiographical poem, “The journals” to give an insight in his experience of p

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Unrest and repression
This period represents the passage from an agricultural system to an industrial one. This passage had different reactions: happiness for the birth of machinery, unhappiness for the unemployment, and victory of England over france. It was introduced the theory of smith that say: people shouldn’t follow the internal and external

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She was educated at home by her father and irregularly at school, but she received a broader education than many women of her time Immediately showed an interest in literature. Austen's own favorite poet was Cowper. She began to write as a teenager, for family amusement. From 1787 she produced a large output of prose and between 1795 and 1796, she comp

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In the second stanza, the speakers shifts his focus from a description to a direct address of the season, speaking to autumn as if it were a person.
In the last stanza, there is an introduction of the harvest and Autumn is manifested in the role of a harvester. The end approaches within the final moments of the song and death is slow approaching alo

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The flag is very known and it is also called ‘strips and stars’. In fact there are 50 stars which symbolise the 50 states and 13 stripes which symbolise the first 13 states that were colonised by English people.
This country is so big that it passes though 5 time zones: Eastern time, Central time, Mountain time, Pacific and Alaskan time. This means

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2. Ireland is divided into Northern Ireland or Ulster and EIRE, that is the southern part of Ireland and it is an independent republic.
The UK covers an area of about 242 000 square km and its neighbours in the mainland are Belgium and France. UK and France are united by the Chunnel that start in and arrived in…
In Uk there are two ty

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