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Chaucer descrive se stesso nei suoi lavori come un uomo grasso con una modesta e semplice personalità. Sembra che fosse profondamente interessato alla religione, ma anche all’umorismo semplice. Uno dei suoi personaggi preferiti è la moglie di Bath, una donna che è stata sposata per cinque volte, e ha avuto molti amanti! Molti dei suoi lavori riguardano

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The imagination: of which keat’s poems are truly the fruit takes two main forms. Firstly, the world of his poetry is predominantly artificial, one that he imagines rather than reflects from direct experience. Secondly, keats’s poetry stems from imagination in the sense that a great deal of his work is a vision of what he would like human life to be like

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We also should think about the influence of mass-medias. Italy is a great example of mass-medias abuse: a developed country like Italy is only at the 35th place in the list of the world most informed countries, after Madagascar, but it has more than 10 channels which transmit news and a large number of newspapers. Mass-medias have a great influence on

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Freddy Malins A drunken guest at the Morkans’ party.
Ellen Morkin Conroy—Mother of Gabriel (dead).
T.J. Conroy—Member of the Dublin Port and Docks Board; father of Gabriel (dead).
Mrs. Malins, Miss Daly, Miss Power, Mr. Browne, Miss Furlong, Mr. Bergin, Mr. Kerrigan, and Miss O’Callaghan—Guests at the Morkans’ party.

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Press file
Home depot inc.
Who? American mega – retails.
What? Decide to change their market policy.
How? Interest in small shops.
Theory: Making their stores smaller and building them in small town, they’ll find new customer.
Staples inc.
Who? The office – supply superstore chain.
What? It is now launchin

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In this interesting period, an ill person would have a few choices of where to go provided that they had money to spend. A patient could see a physician who handled most of the areas of medical science. He would tend the sick, prescribe medication, attempt surgery, dissect bodies, and spend the rest of his time creating new medical theories. Another ch

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-Formulae: fixed expression

-He was born between 1340 and 1345 into a middel-class family. He studied classics and can speak French and Italian
-He died in 1400 and was buried in Westmister Abbey in the”Poets’ corner”
-He decided to write in English, and his decision is very revolutionary
-Chaucer introduced metrical inn