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The term Victorian comes from Queen Victoria, who ascended the throne in 1837, at the age of eighteen. So, we can identify the queen with the period in which she ruled. The nation itself not only identified with her, but it also elevated her into a monumental symbol of its own perceived greatness, exalted by her very name, Victoria, instantly recogn

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Middle age become the theme (except for some romantics) so there’s a new taste for the love of ruins (such as ancient castles and abbeys), the wild, the irrational, the horrific and the supernatural.
Feelings and imagination are expressed by the poet that has the desire to use simple words in an easy, clear style more understandable by humble peopl

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In history because Ireland was colonised by England in the XIII century. In religion because British colonisation brought a new religion in Ireland. Irish people had Celtic origins. Celtics were known as a Catholic people, whereas English people were Protestants.
English people introduced FEUDALISM in Ireland and obliged Iris

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2) WAR POETS: they were young poets who took part, and/or died, in WWI. Their poems were moving (=toccanti - commoventi). The subjects of these poems were mainly war, the description of life in trenches, the experience of suffering and witnessing (=essere testimoni di) the death of their friends. A distinction must be done between the poems written in t

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The Waste Land:
The Waste Land is a long poem in 443 lines, and five section:
• The Burial of the Dead;
• A Game of Chess;
• The Fire Sermon;
• Death by Water;
• What the Thunder said.

It is considered the greatest poem of the twenty century. When it appeared produced a sense of shock, a feeling that the poetic trad

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There is the adjective “right” because everything means an accurate planning.
Right product: it’s a service provide the organization and what costumers want to buy that specifically meets their needs.
Right people: costumers have different need and interest. The staff have a information of costumers.
Right price: the amount of money a cost

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1) Ordinary accounts with a low interest rate, which are virtually tax free;
2) Investment accounts with a much higher, taxable rate of interest.
Merchant banks, such as Morgan Grenfell, are commercial organisations which not only carry out the main functions of a commercial bank, but they also specialise in providing services

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Field research involves collecting new data through, for example, surveys, questionnaires, interviews,etc.
Electronic research uses technology to provide instant field research.(Market research helps a company in its decision-making process,and has limitations, market change very quickly and people do not always tell the truth or may change their m

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Chapter 2
Beowulf was a man of incredible strength and bravery. Arrived in presence of Hrothgar, he offered his power to the service of the king to destroy the monster. He was determined to fight Grendel without weapons, only with his hands. But there were someone in the hall who was not fully convinced of his promise: Unferth. Instead, Hrothga

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Linda Montin IV D...