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Rimanete immobili , voi s fere del paradiso (cielo ) sempre in movimento,
That t ime may cease and midnight never come. = so that
In modo che i l tempo possa cessare e mezzanotte mai veni re.
Fai r nature’s eye, r ise again, and make
Bell’occhio della natura (sole) , sorgi di nuovo, e fa
Perpetual day; or let this hour be but

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The Napoleonic wars
After the French Revolution, in France Napoleon took the power from 1769 to 1821. He was born in Ataccio a few days after Corsica became French possession. He had Italian roots, and he was a general. He led the French army against U. K. In 1805 was protected from French invasion by the admiral Nelson, who defeated France in

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Another difference is that in the movie, the figure of the Chairman, the person that Sayuri, the main character, is in love with since their first meeting and to whom all her life is devoted, has a much bigger role. In the novel, the Chairman appears just sporadically, but he has a big space in the geisha’s thoughts. Of course, the director, to re

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Another point that can’t be disregarded is the relationship between Lady Macbeth and her husband: in the first part, Macbeth is completely dependent on her, and she understand him really well “your face, my thane, is a open book” (1.5.60) and uses this ability to manipulate him. Moreover she’s not afraid to challenge him and she doesn’t really car

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In this soliloquy he wants to commit a suicide not to suffer, because for him the life is only a series of “whips and scorns of time”.
In the first part he is undecided to kill himself or not, he doesn’t know if he wants to fight against the “troubles” or not. He would die to free himself from the “shocks that flesh is heir to”, but he is kept by th

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The constitution under Queen Victoria did not differ from the one we know today.
Her inexperience facilitated the British two-party system. The reign was politically administered by a series of grat Prime Ministers: Peel and Disraeli among the Tories (Conservatives), Palmerston and Gladstone among the Whigs (Liberals).
In 1867 the Liberals propo

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Richard, duke of Gloucester, is the main character and the villain of the play. He has a deformed back and arm and he is lame. The deformity of his body reflects the corruption of his mind: he is evil, sadistic, manipulative, cruel, ruthless, power-hungry; but, despite this, he is also a highly charismatic and fascinating character. This is due to his l

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The British Parliament is one of the oldest parliamentary systems in the world. In the 14th century it was divided into two Houses of Parliament: the House of Commons and the House of Lords. In the House of Commons there are approximately 630 Members of Parliament (MP). Each MP represents a small area of the Country (a constituency) a

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First Generation of Romantic Poets
William Wordsworth (Lake District 1770 – 1850). He studied in Cambridge until 1790 when he went on a walking tour of France and Italy, in this period he became a supporter of the French Revolution. He returned in London alone and he met the philosopher William Godwin and the poet Coleridge (the begin of o