Riassunto di Beowulf, nipote del re dei Geati

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THEN TALES… After that legends of the terrible facts that Grendel had done arrived at Beowulf; he was the strongest of all: without fear, kind and generous. He ordered to have an attractive ship prepared and provided; happily he would sail over the sea to look for the king who grieved for the necessity of men. And his courageous assistants found little to reproach in his brave adventure, he was beloved; they observed auspices, and they incited him to hurry up. The band who he had grouped around him was courageous, fourteen men experienced and brave, looking for the coast where they could leave the ship, a seaman specialized saw landmarks (punti di riferimento). The hour of departure came; the boat started to sail. The lively (svelto, agile) seaman went on bord; waves were breaking, the sea was ruffled. They put away theirs ornaments in the hold of the ship tidly, shining armor and war equipement (dispositions of battle ); the ship very well - built sailed quickly the sea. The ship started his happy journey: it was windy and the sails seemed like a belly and moved over the waves like a flying bird ( making foam ). They went on one day and one night and the following day they saw headlands, hills and cliffs. they crossed the sea, the voyage ended and the ship docked. And the people of Weder watched on the beach with ringing of ornaments and coats of mail ; they gave thanks to God that his grace had given them secure sea-course for their ocean voyage.

THE FEAST after that Hrothgar's men invited the Geats to the banquet and offered them to seat to the courageous visitors. The cellarman carried flasks of mead to the feast. The mead was bright and sweet . the bard enterteined the visitors with songs and everybody drank and enjoyed themselves.

BEOWULF SPOKE… Beowulf who is the son of the king Ecgtheow spoke addresssing to Hrothgar. "Don't be sad (sorrow) . For a man is better to avenge a friend than to cry for him. Everybody has to die (let him have glory before death.) The best reward for a nobleman is to have glory among his posterity."
After that they stand up ."The ward of the realm (the king) has gone to see the tracks of Grendel's mother. And I promise you that she won't survive and she won't have a refuge everywhere she goes, on the land or in the sea. Now you'll bear every affliction and sofference, as I know you will be able to do." Then the
Ancient thanks God for the nice words of the hero. Quickly an horse was prepared for Hrothgar. It was a charger with a braided mane . The king went on in his royal splendor and he was among his troops of shieldmen. The king could see clear where the monster had passed, through the plain, the valleys and the paths in the forests. She had gone in the moorland taking with her the bodies of the people that she had killed, the royal vassals that in the past had controled the hall.

THE ARRIVAL OF GRENDEL.. Grendel arrived in the night while the warriors, who had to control the hall and the house, were sleeping, all except one. They knew that G. couldn't kill them without God's will. Beowulf was the only awake. He waited the order of the battle with his heart full of anger against the demon. Grendel came quickly over the moorlands trough the rain and the fog; he wanted to kill somebody. He wanted to take away with him some human from the important hall .He arrived under the clouds , till when he saw the hall, the place where people meet to drink the mead. He had already come to the hall of the palace: he had never had and never after greater luck not to meet any guards.
The demon (warrior) condamned to agony came trough the hall .
With the touch of his hands he broke the strong door made with he iron. With his fury he opened the doors of the hall. Going on fast
The ennemy walked on the clear floor and avanced; in his eyes there was a light like that of fire. After that ha saw a group of warriors who were sleeping in the hall, a complete band of soldiers. He laughed and he started to hope for a very big meal.

THE BOILING LAKE.. The warriors looked down at the lake , which gave off his heat and had blood- stained waves. After that their battle horns sound twice ;so they put down their weapons. They could see snakes which were swimming in the hot water. There were also ocean beasts lying on the rocks. These beasts were so big that they could destroy the ship and their journey at the beginning of the day with their wild mouth

THEN ALL THE…….After that all the companions of B., formed a happy band and they returned home from the lake riding their horse
The courage of B. was praised (acclaimed)with songs and a lot of men said that he was the greatest hero of the world and nobody was more worthy than him to be the king. But they also praised the old and good Hrothgar. An other time they galloped their horses, using the roans where the roads were better .An other time a ministrel sang , a bard aware of B.'s actions and he told them in a very attractive language ,made by verses.

B.'S DEATH…..The courageous king spoke, an old man in pain; he contemplated the gold "I'd like to thank God for these wealth, because he gave me the possibilty to conquer for my people an award like this during my life. I have devoted all my life for this cache; you (Wiglaf ) have to satisfy the necessity of my people from now on; I'm going to die . built me a tomb to decorate after the battle on the promontory near the sea , dominating Hronesness so the sailers will call it B.'s riot and it will help them trough the cloud and the fog. He untied his collar from his neck and he gave it to Wiglaf with all his armour and his war equipement and he told him to use them well "you are the last of our family! Everybody has died, using their valour; I must follow them "These were the last words of the old man; then he went to the pyre and he died, after a glorious life.

THEN WIGLAF…….After that W. went to the mortal smoke putting on his helmet to help B. W. said with concise words: "Dear B. you have to be strong , remember your serious promise that you made when you were young. Your glory can't become smaller while you are living. With determinate heart and intrepid courage you must protect your life as best as you can. I fight with you. "
An other time the dragon, after the words, attacked immediately his foe in a horror of flame .The little shield of W. was burned to the boss with waves of fire W. was without defences. After that W. valorously took shelter (rifugio) under the shield of his friend. Then the king B. once more remembered his valor, he took out his big sward and he killed the dragon with all his energy.