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☼ During a visit to the trade fair in Milan I saw a sample of your …
☼ X informs us that you are manufacturers of …
☼ We are interested in the … you are now advertising in …
☼ Your company has been recommended to us by one of our customers.

Ω We are dealers in … which we sell in Europe and we would be glad to include your products in our range.
Ω We are a large office supplies firm based in UK. We have recently received a number of enquiries for your fax machines and would like to market them here.
Ω Our Company is one of the country’s largest bed linen suppliers. Our major clients include three leading chain stores.

¥ Would you please let us have your catalogue and price list, together with details of discounts you are willing to give for large orders?
¥ We would be glad to receive technical details of all your fax models and your usual trade discount rates.
¥ Kindly send us information about your different ranges, including sizes and colours, as well as samples of your different fabrics.
¥ We would be pleased to receive a quote for 250 …
¥ We would be grateful if you could inform us about your delivery and payment terms.

× We look forward to hearing from you soon.
× We would appreciate a prompt reply.
× If your prices are competitive and the samples you send us satisfactory, we will be glad to place large orders with you.
× If you can guarantee delivery within 15 days of receipt, we would expect to send you regular orders.

• Nostra intestazione
• Data
• Our ref. and Your ref.
• Indirizzo destinatario
• Attention
• Dear…
• Body
• Complimentary close (Dear sir/s = your faithfully – Dear Mr X = your sincerely)
• Signature
• Enclosures



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