If I had arrived ten minutes later, my whole life would have been different

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Bettari Federica cl. 3°c ling. 13th May 2005
Write a story that ends: If I had arrived ten minutes later, my whole life would have been different.

It was a sunny Saturday in summer and I was nine. My family and I got up early because we had decided to spend the weekend at my grandparents’ house in Deiva Marina, in Liguria.
The days before we had prepared everything and we were ready, we thought, to leave. So, we put our bags into the car and left.
After an hour my brother, my sister and I were sleeping when, suddenly, my dad stopped the car. My mum said, “What are you doing? Why did you stop the car?” and my dad “Did you turn off the water?” “Yes…” “Did you turn off the gas?” “Yes” “And… Did you take the keys?” “Which keys?” “The keys of my parents’ house, the keys of the house where we are going!” “No. Didn’t you take them?” “No” “So, they are still on the kitchen table… And we have to return home and take them!” Said my mum.
My dad turned the car back and we went home to take those keys. Then, we left home for the second time. When we arrived in the place where my dad had stopped the car before, he stopped it again. My mum asked, “What is happening now?” and my dad “I’m going to sleep. Could you drive as far as the next service area?”. My mum began to drive very very very fast and, in two minutes, we arrived at the service area. There, my mum told my dad to go out and have some coffee. He said he would go in ten minutes, because, at the moment, there were a lot of people waiting for coffee; but my mum said that ten minutes later the number of people wouldn’t have changed and told my dad to go out immediately, that she didn’t want to spend the whole day there.
So, my dad went out of the car. After ten minutes, while he was waiting for his coffee, he heard a voice on the loudspeaker “The person who is entering now, will win 1,000,000,000 £, because he is our 1,000,000,000th customer.
So, if my dad had arrived ten minutes later, our whole life would have been different.