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“to be or not to be” expresses Hamlet’s dilemma between suicide and life. Life appears to him as painful and full of troubles. Against this hard life suicide is a solution.
The general idea about life is a negative one. In fact Hamlet sees life as a continuous fight chracterized by evils and pains. He also thinks there is not reward in the end he doubts there is life after death.
So he wonders if it nobler tosuffer or to oppose and choose death.
Death, like sleep, is seen as a way out, because it puts an end to suffering.
He is afraid of being accused of cowardice and he also fears that death would not be a solution.
He also thinks there is no reward in the end he doubts there is life after death.
The “whips and scorns of time” and “the fardels” of life are injustice, arrogance, offence, unreciprocated love and scorn.
There isn’t any positive aspect of life.
Man could choose suicide or accept life as it is.
The fear of death can make a man undecided, full of doubts, irresolute.
He is afraid of being accused of cowardice.
Hamlet used a metaphorical language. Metaphors are associated with nature, travel, fighting and pain.
The main theme is incapacity to face life, indecision, irresolution. Hamlet expresses the doubts of a man about a painful life and death, who choose not to act with fear of what comes after death.
Another theme is the fear of the unknown after death.