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Nutmeg noce moscata
Meat/ham carne
Chicken pollo
Spaghetti =
Butter burro
Sugar zucchero
Salt sale
Milk latte
Eggs uova
Fish pesce
Cheese formaggio
Bread pane
Loaf pagnotta
Bread tosted tost
Icing sugar zucchero a velo
Yolk white tuorlo albume

Crispy croccante
Plum sauce salsa alle prugne
Filled with chicken and spices ripieno di pollo e spezie
Succulent shrimp succulenti gamberetti. Vegetables
peanuts arachidi
Red peppers peperoni
Spicy sauce salsa di spezie
Garlic sauce salsa d'aglio
Tender chicken pollo tenero
with an assortment of vegetables and almonds in our light sauce
golden-fried dorato
on a bed of lettuce topped with lemon slices in our lemos sauce su un letto di lettuga con in cima fette di limone nella loro salsa
slices of tender beef with tomatoes and green onions
with mushrooms con funghi
marinated chicken fried with soft egg noodles and a variety of vegetables in a delicious Thai Sauce pollo marinato fritto con gnocchi di uova e una varità di vegetali in una deliz. salsa
Tender chicken, pork, fried with a mix of cabbage, carrots and soft egg noodles pollo, maiale fritti con un misto di cavolo, carote e gnocchi.

I'm sturlying sto morendo di fame
Sweetandsour agrodolce
Fried fritto
Boiled bollito
What about sharing it? Cosa ne pensi di dividerlo?
It sounds good
It's a bit heavy (pesante) fattening (ingrassante)
Main course primo piatto
I don't know, I have never tried it.
Would you like to tried it?
I'm on a diet
Would you like a dessert?
Any vegetables?

Cup tazza
Tablespoon cucchiaio
Teaspoon cucchiaino
Half a cup
Mince tritare
Grate grattare
Beat sbattere
Fry friggere
Boil bollire
Bake cuocere in forno
Cook in the oven
Grill cuocere sulla griglia
Sprinkle spolverare
Peel pelare
Slice affettare
Whip montare (uovo)
Frying pan friggitrice

Grate the nutmeg; break the eggs and put them into a big bowl; add the milk, the nutmeg and the vanilla and beat the mixture; melt half the butter in a large frying pan over a low heat; put the slices of bread into the egg mixture for a couple of minutes; transfer the soaked bread to the frying pan and fry over a medium heat for about two minutes; turn the slices of bread and fry until they are golden brown; put the slices of bread on to a warm plate, put a little butter on each of them and sprinkle them with sugar or serve with fruit yoghurt or sliced fresh fruit.

What are we going to buy X? – She likes (music) so I'm going to buy her a (CD). – What else does she like? 7 what's her hobby? – she likes (cooking). – Good. I'll buy her a cookery book.