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For nearly 2000 years London has been the most important city in Britain.
Its position on the River Thames has turned it into an international port and a centre for finance, trade, industry, arts and government.
Over the centuries London has spread over 15,850 sq km of the Thames valley, swallowing up towns and villages.
The original site of London, now known as the City, conteins many famous landmarks.
The Tower of London was a former royal residence which larer served as a prison.
The Monument commemorates the fire in 1666, which consumed most of the old City.
With the re-building came many famous churches, including St. Paul’s Cathedral.
The City is now London’s financial district-the home of the Stock Exchange, many banks and insurance companies.
West of the City is Westminster, which has gradually become the new heart of London.
Here you’ll find Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament and Buckingham Palace- the London home of the Queen.
During the 19th century many new landmarks were built to commemorate famous events and people.
Nelson’s Column isa reminder of the famous naval victory at Trafalgar in 1805.
Queen Victoria’s husbend, Albert, is honoured by a memorial and a concert hall.
The Royal Festival Hall was built for the Festival of Britain in 1951 and the Post Office Tower has become a new symbol of London.
Piccadilly Circus, which features the famous statue of Eros, is in the West End with its large stores, art galleries, museums, theatres and restaurants.
To the west is Knightsbridge, with its famous store Harrods, and other fashionable areas such as Kensington and Chelsea.
London is world-famous in many fields such as fashion and popular music.
It is a city where old and new blend together.
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