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Dear mom,
Two month have already passed since they taken me away in the middle of the night and I thought it was a nightmare.
This is the first time that the sergeant allow us to communicate with families. He has told us that if we get in line we can write once a month. In any case we must get in line, because for a slip we are severely punished. They are so hard on us...
Everyday we must make our bed and be in uniform at 6.30 am. During the week we take turns to clean up the dormitory, cook, do the dishes… Those who are not employed in chores, have to frequent a hard drilling in the morning and some lessons in the afternoon.
We only have two uniform, a pair of shoes, belt, hat, two bedclothes and a blanket, anything else. We can’t talk each other out of breaks.
However this experience had been important for me, I have stopped to smoking and now I drink only water...
I’ve sort my self out!
They said us we will leave camp when we will graduate, but if you and daddy come and carry me home…
Please, I’m waiting for you…