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Hamlet is a tragedy written by William Shakespeare sets in Denmark. After THE death of the king, Hamlet’s father, became king Claudius, Hamlet’s uncle, that married Gertrude, the queen Hamlet’s mother. In that period Hamlet was very sad for the death of his father while the king and the queen didn’t regret a lot for him. Meanwhile the members of the King’s Guard when were keeping guard on night saw the ghost of the previous king so they decided to advise Hamlet. When Hamlet went to them for seeing the ghost of his father, after midnight the ghost appear and told to Hamlet that he was murdered by Claudius. The King and the Queen thought that Hamlet was becoming mad because was always so sad and now was always alone so Polonius, a friend of the king thought that the causes of the madness of Hamlet was the love for his daughter Ofelia, because the prince had written her some letters of love. So he organized a meeting between Hamlet and his daughter where Hamlet told her that he didn’t love her and curse her. The King and Polonius that had seen the scene thought that Hamlet was really mad and the king decided to send him in England. Then some actor came to the court and Hamlet asked them to act a theater of a story of murder of a king by friend that marry wife of the king and take the crown. But the king offended by that show go away before the end of it follow to all except Hamlet that after went to the room of the Queen for tell her how she could killed his real husband and listened some move behind the column, though that was the King kill the body that was Polonius. So the King order to sent Hamlet for England. Ofelia known the death of his father became mad and his brother Laertes returned from France from revenge his father. Hamlet with the help of Horatio come back so the king known it decided to get to challenge at duel Hamlet and Laertes, hungry for the death also of his sister that mad fall in a river and died drown. So the King prepared a poison that Hamlet had to drink. Hamlet accepted the duel and tell always to his friend Horatio. During the duel the poison preparing to the King was drunk to the Queen and Hamlet was wound by the poison sward of Laertes but so the could change the swords and Hamlet wound Laertes that told him that the blame was the King so Hamlet kill the King, Laertes died and Hamlet before diving said to Horatio to tell this story.