From Prehistoric Britain to the Germanic invasions

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From Prehistoric Britain to the Germanic invasions

The Celts
The invasion in great Britain started during the bronze age while the Celts arrived form central Europe I great Britain in iron age. They were organized in tribes and they were good fighters, farms and artist. They loved the music. Their language was the Gaelic, and it is still spoken in Ireland, Wales, Isle of Man and as soon on. Their religious was druism and their priests was responsible on religious priests, medical treatment, education and in administration of justice. They believed in immortality of the soul and in the present of the spirits. They used the Stonehenge to offer the animal sacrifices to sun god.

The Stonehenge
Stonehenge is a great archaeological monument built around 3000 BC. It is a great circle of massif stones, which was used like temple or like a place of observation to prediction of the astronomic events. It is still situated in south of England near Salisbury. There is the midsummer day where you can see the sun rising from bhein the ston whose top see to touch the horizon.

The Romans

In 54BC Julio Cesar landed in England but undred emperor of Claudio Britain became a roman province. The Romans built towns, brigs, villas, roads and buths. Many town ending with “CHESTER” Latin world, which means “MILITARY CAMP” in Latin. The most important is the HADRIAN S’ WALL, a high fortification and it built along boarder between England and Scotland for defend roman Britain from barbaric tribes. During Romans domination a lots Celts mitigreted to Ireland an Wales, but other became Romanized. Then the Romans had to live Britain to defend Italy and Rome from invasion, so the island was opened to new invasions.

Angle and Saxons

After the Romans in England arrived the Germanic tribes. Two of them were the angles and the Saxons. They occupied the est and south of island. The angles gave their name to the England and intoticed the English language. This two tribes were organized in kingdoms. They were good farms, infact they introduced new farming methods and fonded lots of villages. They loved the music and poety. They used the gold and other metals to make fine jewellery and domestic articles. Their religion was primitive they believed into misterios force of nature, dragon, monsters and as soon on. During this period the missionaries arrived in England to be come people to Christian. First was st. Patrick converted Ireland, after st. Augustine arrived in England and converted Scotland, and he became archbishop of Cantbury and in this period cathedrals, churches and monastery were built.

The Viking

The Viking arrived in England from Scandinavia but there was a Saxon king defended his territories so England was divided between Saxons an Vikings. The Vikings was Christians and they were good traders. The capital the Vikings kingdom ‘s was the odiern York. The England was under Vikings rule from 1013 to 1042.