Business Communication

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Today written business communication is mainly done through:
• E-mails
• Faxes
• Letters
These three methods have different characteristics but the body of the message is often the same in all of them.
A well written letter is a good beginning for a future business relationship and may impress the recipient-destinatario. The letter must be:
1. Clear. It depends on:
2. Courteous, so that the letter may appear friendly and sincere.
3. Concise .This can be obtained by using simple sentences without superfluous adjectives or adverbs
The layout of the letter may vary-variare-and can be one of two styles:
a) in an indented letter each paragraph begins a few spaces in from the left margin (more traditional)
b) in a blocked letter each lines is vertically aligned with the line above (more modern)
It is usual to leave a line space between paragraphs, for both clarity and aesthetics.
• A company always uses a printed letterhead (intestazione stampata) which contains the name, full address (indirizzo completo) and contact information (telephone number, e-mail address) of the company.
• The date is always written using ordinal numbers:
1st May =first
2nd May =second
3rd May= third
4th May=fourth
21st May
22nd May
23rd May
31st May
• The titles Mr-Sir-Madam-Sirs-Gentlemen are always written in capital letter.
How is a business letter written?

The cover letter for a job application
When you submit-presentare-your CV, it is important to accompany it-accompagnare- with a cover letter-lettera di presentazione. When writing it remember to let the reader know what you are sending and why you are sending it.
The main parts in a cover letter are:
SOURCE Examples:-I would like to apply for the post of accountant advertised today in The Guardian.
-I am writing in response to your advert in The Guardian for the post/position of accountant.
-I found your advert for an accountant on the web/on the Internet and would like to apply for it.
EDUCATION Examples:-As you see from my enclosed curriculum vitae, I have a diploma in accountancy from the ITC of Sassari
-After obtaining a diploma in accountancy, I graduated from the University Bocconi in Milan in Economics
WORKING EXPERIENCE Examples:-I have been employed as part-time accountant in Sassari
After leaving school, I accepted a temporary post as accountant
SKILLS Examples:I can speak English and French fluently
I have a European Computer Driving Licence that I obtained in 2000
I am familiar with the most common computer systems and I speak English very well.

ENCLOSURES Examples: I enclose my curriculum vitae and references from my employer
The curriculum vitae you request is enclosed.
CLOSING Examples: I will be happy to attend an interview at any time, and look forward to hearing from you soon.
I am available for an interview at any time. You may reach me at my telephone number 9898..
43, Aldersgate Street
Tel:020 84533
5th May 2007-
The Personal Manager
Evans International Plc
23 Nelson Road
Dover GT AE7
Dear Sir/Madam,
I would like to apply for the post advertised on the web on 2nd March for the vacancy as Personal Assistant to the Sales Manager. SOURCE
As you can see from my curriculum vitae I obtained a Secretary’s Diploma from Bedford College. I graduated from the University of London with a degree in French. EDUCATION
I am presently working as Personal Secretary to the General Manager and I have a wide range of responsibilities. These include coordinating my employer’s work, taking notes at meetings. WORKING EXPERIENCE
I can speak and write French very well and I can also use common software applications. SKILLS
I enclose a copy of my curriculum vitae ENCLOSURES
I look forward to hearing from you soon and to meet you for an interview. CLOSING
Best regards,
Jean Carson

EN:-I have been employed as part-time accountant in Sassari