Oliver Twist

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Oliver Twist

The film that we have seen some days ago was “Oliver Twist” of Roman Polanski drawn by the homonym novel of Charles Dickens.
The plot of the film that then is the history of the novel narrates of a boy of name Oliver Twist, he was born in a Workhouse, a place where all the poor people goes to have some food and help. His mother died after have looked at him for the first time.
When he was 9 he have been sold to an undertaker for 5 pounds. The undertaker liked Oliver but his wife hated him. Soon, Oliver ran away and went to London.
In that city he knew Dawkin, who introduced him in a gang of thieves, kept by Fagin. The thieves took a handkerchief of a man named Bronlow and ran away. Oliver couldn’t escape and was arrested by a policeman. Bronlow did not make him arrest and took him to his house. But for a Fagin’s order Bill Sykes and Nancy took back the boy.
Oliver took part of a group robbery, but they could not steal anything and Oliver was injured by a gun shot: he returned to the house of the people they wanted to steal at and Maylie and her nephew Rose healed him. Fagin was searching for Oliver with Monks’ help who seems to hate Oliver particularly.
Nancy sad to Mrs Maylie that Sykes would kill Oliver, but Bill understood what he has done and kills her. The thieve was chased by a large crowd of people and escaping but when he was on the roof he slipped and fell, the loop he made to escape caught round his neck and he died. Mr Bronlow made Fagin and his gang arrest; he talked with Monks and understood he was Oliver’s brother. Their father would leave them the money and Monks tried to kill Oliver to have more money. Beside Rose Maylie was Oliver’s aunt and they adopted him.
To the beginning of the film the thing that more has struck me has been that the film opened with the scene of Oliver that arrives to the orphanage and instead in the novel the first chapter narrates of the birth of Oliver and to the description of Oliver's mother.
The character that more has aroused interest in me has been that of Dawking, very particular boy, he has struck me in special way when he met Oliver for road and he wanted to illustrate him and to describe the poor life in London. For this he has begun to pilfer and in the meantime it told his life and of the why forced was to steal only for living. The two faces of this character and that are: liking and resignation to the life from thief they have created a symbiosis that it has aroused interest in me and for these reasons I have wanted to analyze Dawking.
As it regards the scenes of the film instead I have noticed that when the state of mind of Oliver was grey, resigned, then the director took place the scenes at night or in one day of rain and in the art directions the colour that detached was the dark/grey, contrarily, when Oliver was happy, for example in the last scenes when he is adopted by Browlow the scene takes place in a day of sun in the middle of the green of the plants.
The character that more has aroused me antipathy was Fagin, even if in the last scene the only feeling that I tried was the punishment, because inside the cell he had lost the reason and therefore to my opinion he had had the worse of punishments.
I think that this film has been very philological because it has mirrored the novel in impeccable way and I think really that Polanski has again made a small great masterpiece as after all it is the novel of Dickens.



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