Fiction and Narrative text

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FICTION in literature refers to stories, a genre characterised by the narration of a sequence of events connected by cause and effects. Nowadays there are 2 kind of fiction:
The novel is a fictional form which originated and became popular in Britain at the beginning of the 18th century. A novel is built according to conventions and the author choose those convention to create special effects for the reader.
Are novel or short stories and they are told in a fictional world in which event take place and characters come to life trough interaction with each other. This process can occur trough narration(the arrangement of events in chronological order), description( the delineation of detail of a person or a place) and trough dialogue( the direct words of characters).
• The short story is a prose fiction characterised by brevity and incompleteness.
• The novel is much longer; it includes a variety of characters and a variety of events.
A narrative usually consists of a story that it is build up on a fictional world with a setting(place and time), events and characters.
The plot is what keeps you reading and interested. It is the way the story is told in order to create a certain effect.
The narrator is the voice which tell the story. S/He can be:
Unreliable: who make the reader a wrong opinion of the story
In 1st person: s/he is a character of the story (internal)
In 3rd person: s/he is external
Omniscient: who know everything about the story which s/he is telling.
The point of view is the angle or angles from which the story is told.
The narrative modes are narration, dialogue, description (vedi su).
The implied reader is an imaginary reader and usually the author speak with him with you.
The aim of a story is behind the message.