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Title: The five orange pips
Editor House: CIDEB
Colour: Blue (Elementary-READING & TRAINING)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes: He is a principal character of the story. He is a private detective very famous. He is a man with about 50 years old. He is an intelligent man.
Dr Watson: He is the best friend of Sherlock Holmes. He is the assistant of the private detective.
John Openshaw: He is a young man with about 22 years old.
Elias: He is uncle of John. He was a Colonel in Confederate army.
Joseph: He is a father of John.
Major Freebody: He is an old friend of Joseph.
Personal Comment: This is an interesting story. My favourite character is Sherlock Holmes because he is intelligent and because he helps the people in great danger. The author, Arthur Conan Doyle, write the story very well...
Language: It is simple, but very effective
Plot: In a windy and rainy evening a man rang the bell of Sherlock Holmes‘s flat in Baker Street. He was Mr Openshaw. Mr Openshaw told to Sherlock Holmes his problem. His uncle, Elias, was a Colonel in the Confederate army. When the South was defeated, my uncle Elias returned in Florida. He came back to England some years ago. He bought a house in Horsham. Mr Openshaw went many times but a day Elias received an envelope with into 5 orange pips and with written the letters KKK on the flap. Elias changed after that day and he died when seven weeks. Joseph, the father of John, came to live in the house in Horsham at the beginning of 1884 and one morning received an envelope with into 5 orange pips. Then he went to stay with Major Freebody and also Joseph died. Few days ago also John received the envelope with into 5 orange pips. John
Gave to Sherlock Holmes a piece of blue paper. Holmes read it:
4th Hudson came. some old platform.
7th Sent the pips to Mc Cauley,
Parmore, and John Swain of
St. Augustine.
9th Mc Cauley clear.
10th John Swain clear
12th Visited Paramore. All well
Sherlock Holmes said to John Openshaw that must go house immediately. Holmes and Watson consulted the American Encyclopaedia and found out that was the Ku Klux Klan. They used the orange pips for warn the victim. They found out that Elias was a member of the organisation. He was carrying the Ku Klux Klan’s papers that were the reason for the organisation’s sudden collapse. The next morning Holmes read on the newspaper that John was died. Holmes found that the member of Ku Klux Klan wrote the envelope on Lone Star’s ship. Sherlock Holmes sent a envelope with 5 orange pips to captain of Lone Star, but the murderers of John never received the five orange pips because the Lone Star sank in a night of storm.
Title: Hunted down
Editor House: CIDEB
Colour: Blue (Elementary-READING & TRAINING)
Characters: Mr Sampson: he is the protagonist of the story. He is a Chief Manager of an insurance office.
Mr Julius Slinkton: he is a bad man. He is an uncle of Margaret and Miss Niner.
Margaret: she is the niece die of Mr Slinkton
Miss Niner: she is the niece of Mr Slinkton. She is very beautiful.
Meltham(Beckwith): he is a lover of Margaret.
Major Banks: he is a man very rich, but he is very sick.
Personal Comment: This is the most beautiful story. My favourite character is Meltham(Beckwith) because he is very intelligent. The story is very engaging. The author writes in first person.
Language: the language is very simple.
Plot: In the office of Mr Sampson there was a wall that was covered in glass. He liked to study the faces of new customers before he spoke to them. A day Mr Sampson saw a man very polite. A few minutes later Sampson spoke with a new customer, Mr Slinkton. They spoke about an insurance policy. About two weeks later Mr Sampson went to have dinner with a friend and met Slinkton. They spoke of a sad loss of a brilliant man, Meltham. Mr Sampson found out that Slinkton had two nieces. One of them, a girl of twenty-three, died recently. Two days later Sampson met Mr Slinkton. He asked Mr Sampson about an insurance form of a man called Beckwith. It was insurance form of two thousand pounds. Beckwith asked Mr Slinkton to write a reference for him. Mr Slinkton did that for Beckwith. Mr Slinkton was not only visitor that day because at home of Mr Sampson there was a visit very private. Mr Sampson didn’t see Mr Slinkton for six or seven months. Mr Sampson went to Scarborough in September and saw him walking on the beach.
Mr Slinkton was with a lady. She was his niece and she did not see very well. There was an old man in hand-carriage on the beach. The uncle of Miss Niner, Slinkton, called this man the shadow of his niece, because she saw the man in hand-carriage very often. Mr Sampson said to Miss Niner that she was in great danger and said that she must spoke with a man in had-carriage. She is very shocked by the words of Mr Sampson.
She listened the words of Mr Sampson and went toward the man in hand-carriage. Later a few minutes Mr Slinkton asked to Mr Sampson news about Meltham, but Mr Sampson told to Mr Slinkton of no and that he was afraid for Meltham. Mr Sampson met Mr Slinkton in November again, this time in London. Mr Sampson had a very appointment at Middle Temple. Sampson arrived at Middle Temple went up some stairs. There were two doors at the top of the stairs. The name BECKWITH was painted on one door and the name SLINKTON was painted on the other. Mr Sampson went in the door marked BECKWITH and saw a man that seemed drunk. He called Slinkton because boiled the brandy. Slinkton arrived. He saw Mr Sampson. The man drunk, Beckwith, said that boiled the brandy. Later a few minutes Mr Slinkton wanted told the truth to Mr Sampson, ma the man drunk suddenly picked up his brandy-glass and threw it at Mr Slinkton. Beckwith said that Mr Slinkton wanted him for save the insurance policy of two thousand pounds. Mr Slinkton wanted killed Beckwith with the brandy. Mr Slinkton was surprised by Beckwith’s words. The young man did not seem at all drunk. Beckwith said that he was the man in hand-carriage and that he was the shadow of the Slinkton’ niece. The real name of Beckwith was Meltham. He loved Margaret, the other niece of Mr Slinkton, but Mr Slinkton killed her for the money. Meltham promised to find Mr Slinkton and of killed he. Slinkton killed himself with the smell of some chemical. Meltham said that he had done what he promised and dead a few months later.

Title: The Stir outside the Café Royal
Editor House: CIDEB
Colour: Blue (Elementary-READING & TRAINING)
Characters: Captain Mathurin (alias Rossiter-alias Connell): he is a brilliant criminal that use many different names. He is a man very tall. His real name is Will Stevens.
Nora Van Snoop: she is a New York detective. She is a nice woman. She is intelligent and very courageous.
Waiter: The waiter of the Royal Café.
Inspector: The inspector of the police force.
Personal Comment: This story is very short, but it is the most engaging. My favourite character is Captain Mathurin (alias Rossiter-alias Connell) because he is intelligent, but he is also ingenuous and die in a stupid way. The author writes the story in first person.
Language: the language is very simple
Plot: Captain Mathurin was a brilliant criminal. He is a man who robbed the bank in Detroit and he was the man who shot the bank manager. The man who committed fraud in Melbourne was known as Rossiter. The police believed that Mathurin and Rossiter was the same person. Only two people could identify him. One of them was the bank manager and the other person was his girlfriend. She was the other person who ended Mathurin’s criminal career. The story began when she, Nora Van Snoop, was in a horse-draw cab. The cab travelled in a Regent Street slowly. Suddenly the driver stopped the cab and the girl got out. The girl walked towards the Royal Café. She entered in a dining room and she sat down at the table behind a man very tall. After lunch the girl(Nora Van Snoop) wrote something on a sheet of paper. A few minutes the man at the next table left the dining room. The girl followed him. The girl stole something of the man’s pocket. A porter saw her and informed a policeman. The policeman brought the man and the girl in the police station. Here the girl took out the sheet of paper from the purse and the inspector read it:
This man is Mathurin,alias
Rossiter.The police in Detroit
want him.He is very dangerous.
I am a New York detective.
The inspector went in the room when there was Mathurin.A few minutes later the girl heard a shout from the next room. The inspector came back. Suddenly the girl began to cry. She didn’t want to kill Mathurin, but she wanted to arrest him. Thirty minutes later she went in a post office. The girl telegrammed her resignation from the New York police force.

Title: The Oracle of the dog
Editor House: CIDEB
Colour: blue (Elementary-READING & TRAINING)
Characters: Father Brown: he is a protagonist of the story. He is a priest.
Fiennes: he is a young man.
Colonel Druce: he is a victim.
Patrick Floyd: he is the Colonel’s secretary.
Janet Druce: he is the Colonel’s daughter
Nox: it is a black dog.
Donald Druce: he is the Colonel’s son.
Mr Aubrey Traill: he is the Colonel’solicior
Dr Valentine: is a doctor
Herbert & Harry Druce: They are a Colonel’s nieces.
Personal Comment: That is a fantastic story. My favourite character is Father Brown because he is very intelligent and because he is a priest-detective. The author writes the story very well
Language: the language is very simple.
Plot: A young man spoke with Father Brown about a terrible event. A young man, Fiennes, passed an article from a newspaper to Father Brown.
The terrible events at Cranston in Yorkshire are
like a mystery story. It is impossible to understand
how the murder was committed or what happened
to the murder weapon. Colonel Druce stabbed from behind
while sitting in his summerhouse. There is an only one
entrance to the summerhouse. There are witnesses who say
that no one entered the summerhouse at the time of the
murder. (......).Witnesses says that the Colonel met his
solicitor in the summerhouse. The Colonel seemed happy that
day. He had been with his son, Donald, for staying out late
the night before. He had given a very warm welcome to two
of his nephews who came over for the day. Janet Druce, the
Colonel ‘daughter, found her father lying on the floor with a
stab wound to the back. His white linen coat was covered with
blood. The Colonel was dead.

Father Brown studied the newspaper report for a few minutes. After asked to Fiennes were you doing at time of the murder.
Fiennes answered who he went on the walk with the Donald’ cousin. He said to Father Brown that the older cousin, Herbert, talked about horses all time and the younger cousin, Harry, talked about his bad luck at Monte Carlo. Father Brown waited for Fiennes to continue his story. Herbert, Harry and Fiennes walked on the shore when passed near a Rock of Fortune. Harry had stopped to light his pipe under edge. Herbert threw his stick into the sea for Nox, the dog. Nox jumped into the sea and he came back with it after few minutes. Then Harry threw his stick in the sea. The dog jumped into sea, but he turned on the shore without the stick and he began to howl terribly. After they heard a woman’shrienk. The dog began to howl when the Colonel died. Harry, Herbert, Nox and Fiennes went into the Garden. They saw the lawyer, Traill, and the dog barked at the man. After Fiennes went to Harry. Two day later Fiennes made another visit to Father Brown’ house. Fiennes said to the priest Harry was killed
himself. The priest did not seem surprise by the news. Fiennes found his body near the Rock of Fortune. On the rock there were some words.
The Rock of Fortune falls
on a Fool.
The priest found out that Harry was the murderer. He killed the Colonel for his money. Then he killed himself when he discovered
that he’d murdered his uncle for nothing. He thought that the money would go to him, but it instead went to Donald.
Father Brown said to Fiennes that the dog was the answer to the mystery. Nox barked to Traill because he is a nervous man. It barked at Traill because didn’t like the man. Traill run away because he was frightened of the dog. Nox went into weather because he wanted to find the Harry Druce’ stick. He came out because he couldn’t find the stick. That is why he howled. The stick wasn’t an ordinary walking stick, it was a swordstick. It was the murder weapon. The summerhouse wasn’t build with a solid material. There was a gaps between the wooden slats. Harry Druce with a swordstick killed the Colonel while Fiennes and Herbert walked on the beach. Fiennes said to priest that the dog was really the mystery of the story.



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