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20 AGOSTO 2005

IL GRANDE GATSBY-Francis Scott Fitzgerald-


J. GATSBY: The protagonist. He falls in love with Daisy
DAISY BUCKANON: She is married with pole’s player and she is a cousin of Gatsby’s neighbour. She falls in love with Gatsby.
TOM BUCKANON: He is Daisy’s husband and he has a lover.
NICK CARRAWAY: He is a Gatsby’s neighbour and he is a Daisy’s cousin.


Nick Carraway, borned in a well off family of the Middle West, moves to the Oriental Cost at the beginning of the summer 1922, and, in particularly in the village of West Egg, near New York.
Nick doesn’t meet nobody, so decides to accept the invitation at lunch of his distant cousin, who lives with her husband Tom Buckanon in front of the Gatsby’s home; at lunch there is another guest, the young golfer Jordan Baker. Jordan reveals to Nick that Tom has a relationship with another woman; everybody in the village know this fact.
Some days later, during a trip with Tom, Nick meets Tom’s lover: she is Myrtle Wilson, a young woman married with a owner of a garage.
The neighbour of Nick, J. Gatsby, is a rich man, who, often gives magnificent parties in his private garden inviting numerous person of high social classes, but only some of the guests know Gatsby because he isn’t present at parties and his guests don’t know much about him; as a matter of the fact, this guests make turn strange voices about him. So nobody know who Gatsby is in reality.
With his garden, border the modest home of Nick Carraway, an employee of a stock exchange and he is a Daisy Buckanon’s cousin.
Gatsby lives in a shine detached house, enormous and luxurious near the cost, where in front of there is the Buckanon’s house.
At one of his party, Nick is invited, who, even if he is more amazed, decides to be present; at this party Nick meets the home’s master; both make an appointment for the next morning for lunch. The next morning Nick meets Gatsby and both have a lunch in a famous restaurant in the centre of the city; at the end of the lunch goes in Tom who, behaves in a impolite manners with Gatsby that disappears in a mysterious manner.
One day a dear friend of Daisy, become then friend of Nick, asks Nick to invite the cousin to his house for the tea and she asks him to introduce his neighbour, also him agrees with this this arrangement and Gatsby so that all is perfect, fills Nick’s home with flowers and he bring what is necessary for the tea.
Daisy when sees Gatsby stays amazed and than Daisy, Nick and Gatsby go to Gatsby’s home: Gatsby and Daisy met six years before and Gatsby fell in love with Daisy, but years ago Daisy was a woman very rich, while Gatsby was a man very poor and so both couldn’t married, so Gatsby had left to make his fortune and he said to Daisy that she must wait because when he should have returned, they should have married. But Daisy tired of waiting for, marry Tom, who betrays with his mechanic’s wife; with this woman Tom shares a flat and a sweet dog but nobody know this fact, except Nick.
At Gatsby’s home, Daisy and Gatsby acknowledge of being in love and Daisy almost every day goes to Gatsby’s home.
Gatsby confesses to Daisy that he has kept every cutting of newspaper that speak about her and that Gatsby gives all his parties for seeing her, but Daisy never is present at this.
One evening, Daisy is present at Gatsby’s party with his husband and a friend, but she stays all evening with Gatsby arousing her husband’s jealousy.
One evening Gatsby, Nick, Tom and Daisy with her fiend have lunch at a restaurant where there is a argument and Daisy confesses to her husband of loving again Gatsby and in this occasion Tom reveals to Daisy of having taken information about her new love and that Gatsby’s pharmacy were a cover for a outlaw trafficking.
Daisy escapes from the restaurant and Gatsby follows her.
When Tom, Nick and Jordan return to home, they passed near the garage where there is the lover of Tom; so they realize that Myrtle lies on the ground and she is died because she is run down; Tom asks information and he understands that the car that killed Myrtle belong to Gatsby.
The day after Nick goes to neighbour’s house for asking what is success and Gatsby revels to Nick that at steering wheel there was Daisy, but Gatsby doesn’t want to report the fact to the police. The husband of a woman killed, goes to Buckanon’s house where Tom informs him that at steering wheel there was Gatsby. Mr Wilson is mad and so goes to Gatsby’s home and killed him while Gatsby is sunbathing near swimming pool thinking to Daisy; Mr Wilson returned to home, decide to commit suicide.
Daisy isn’t present at Gatsby’s funeral and she leaves for Europe with her husband.
Gatsby’s life ends in solitude: at his funeral there were Gatsby’s father, who had the notice means newspaper, and Nick, who decides to return in the West breaking off with Jordan.
Nick at the end realizes that Daisy is a futile woman that thinks only at self-interest.
Nick thinks that Daisy maybe doesn’t fall in love with Gatsby, who reveals the better of all.


During the reading of the novel I had a question: who is in reality Gatsby? Is he a mysterious man? Has killed a man? In the past is a smuggler or a German informer? Everyone of his acquaintances or, rather, of his regular visitor, have a different opinion about him, a different version about his past.
Nick, in particularly, often change opinion about his neighbour: at the beginning, Gatsby is considered a man that “has something to say”, than he is considered a rich man that exhibits his property, a person that provokes contempt and, in the end, a person to respect, to help. The trust that Nick places in Gatsby is alternate , comes from moment and situation.
Besides the opinion of other person about Gatsby, contributes to increase the mystery the different version that Gatsby gives about his life. The latest version seems to be the truth, but nothing and nobody can confirm the truth of Gatsby’s words.
The real name of Gatsby is James Gatsz; borned from a poor family of nord Dakota, Gatsby was a soldier and after that, he bumped into a rich millionaire, so Gatsby before was an his assistant and than becomes his heir.
Gatsby, therefore, travelled more and more with his benefactor and he did three turn around the continent and at the death of the millionaire Gatsby became very rich, realizing his dreams of young boy.
The two principal themes in the novel are the love for Daisy and the dream that the protagonist brings with him for all his life.
The first big dream that Gatsby has in his life is change his situation, “la notte, nel letto, lo perseguitavano le ambizioni più grottesche e fantastiche. Il cervello gli tesseva un universo di sfarzo indicibile […] ogni notte alimentava le sue fantasie”.
Gatsby wants the love of Daisy, wants “repeat the past”, wants “return to the start point” because now Gatsby has the money and Daisy so doesn’t need of his husband. The destiny doesn’t do all alone, so Gatsby gives an hand; in fact Gatsby lives in a home where he can see, also night, Daisy’s home and he meets Nick; so Nick organizes an appointment.
At Gatsby’s funeral there were Nick and Gatsby’s father, prouder of his son; there were nobody in comparison with the person that there were during his party.
I like very much this novel because the novel is the real analysis of a category of person, the dreamer and of this category Gatsby is an example brings to the excess; the dream often realizes but very often doesn’t realize and for the author can’t live very long with the same dream. This is the protagonist’s mistake that doesn’t understand that made a mistake to considering future what at this point is past.