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HARD TIMES. Thomas Gradgrind is a teacher, he believes in facts and figures. He lives in Coketown (a fantastic town in the north of England_coke is a type of coal). He believes that life should only centre around practical matters and that the use of the imagination is a time-wasting distraction from the serious world of the real life. Their children have been educated in a rational way, he has stopped all their imaginative impulses, as he does at school. In his class there is Sissy Jupe, his father is a circus worker (the circus is in contrast with Thomas Gradgrind). Louisa, his daughter, marries Bounderby, a factory owner, for whom her brother works, but she is unhappy and when Harthouse, a politician, tries to seduce her, she goes to Thomas to ask him protection. Gradgrind has a crise of values. Tom robs his employer and he’s forced to leave the country. Gradgrind finally admits that his theories on life and how to bring up children have been proved wrong.



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