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Saving Bank (=Casse di risparmio)
This type of bank encourages small savers to invest their money. It offers the small savers two forms of account:
-accounts with a low interest rate
-investment accounts with a much higher.

Merchant Banks (=Banche d’affari)
Merchant banks are particularly active in investment for foreign trade. They export houses for Unit Kingdom products, and they are also specialised in international finance and the acceptance of bills of exchange for international traders.

Commercial Banks
Commercial banks, such as Lloyds, are also called joint-stock banks. They specialise in providing banking services to individuals. Commercial banks are clearing banks which means they are authorised to exchange cheques and other means of payment.

Building societies
They provide loans to people who want to buy or improve their property. The people take out a mortgage from the building society. If the mortgage payments are not met, the building society can sell the property to recover the debit

Banking services
Banks offer services to the people as well as to business. They receive money from the people and hold it in deposit, making it available to the person who has deposited it, or lend it at interest to people who wish to borrow.
They regularly send a statement of account to a current account holder.
They exchange money from one currency to another. They advise customer on the best way of investing their money. They allow the bank account holders to pay by standing orders and directs debit. Besides, they provide cash cards or switch cards, credit cards, and cheque books. They also lend money through bars, mortgages and overdrafts. An overdraft is a ban mode by a bank to a current account holder. The customer must pay an interest on the sum received.