The new discovery of tradition



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The new discovery of tradition.

In these last years we have noticed a diffused tendency to revalue the regional cultures and also a growth of the interest in gastronomic and folkloristic traditions.
This revaluation consists in taking back in considerations some aspects of our tradition and our culture that have been forgotten above all by the new generation. In fact these increasing desire to rediscover own cultural roots is a new and diffused characteristic of these years.
The mostly rediscovered subjects are alimentary traditions but also old ways of living, and the desire to rediscover the territory avoiding to look for new places but often returning back to the places of the infancy.
In my opinion, the causes of this tendency are: first of all the desire to return back in the time in opposition to the frenetic life and the stress created by the work, by schedules and times-planes and above all to oppose ourselves to technologies that are literally invading our life.
Then, I believe that we have realized what our country really has to offer from the point of view of traditions but also of culture, without having to travel abroad.
In fact ,because of the last events of chronicle and the fear of the terrorism the interest in the foreign countries has decreased and because the economic crisis limits the possibilities to travel , a lot of people prefer to stay in his own country.
If we consider Italy in particular we can notice how much this phenomenon is rooted through the passage of time.
Almost the 50% of Italians prefer not to travel abroad but for example they usually spend holidays in well known Italian place and above all families always return to the same place.
As far as gastronomy is concerned, Italian people have rediscovered the pleasure to taste typical products above all if they are rustic and traditional products .
this fact is shown by the enormous flow to the fairs and exposures of Italian d.o.c products for example many young people are attracted by the tasting of wines and they often follow special courses to deepen this hobby.
An interesting datum is that for this Christmas more acquired gifts are alimentary Italians products as wines, cheeses or meats produced for a value of 1 million and a half euros while the purchase of foreign foods as caviar or champagne is decreased of 7%.
Also the organization of feasts and popular parties’ has become a diffused phenomenon in Italy.
Some examples are the feast of the chocolate, and of the meats or so many others famous
Cultural events with characters in medieval suits or local customs.
An Other aspect which has to be underlined is the interest for local languages and different dialects for example last year a new dictionary of Italian-Bergamasco with translations of mottos and proverbs has been published.
I believe that the development of this tendency will surely offer the possibility to create a new type of tourism :one inside the country, so for Italians to discovery own origins; or for foreigners as cultural tourism to let them know our country.
These new activities as feasts and fairs create new professional figures for the managing and organisation, and surely it will increase the inside production of made in Italy products.
For the future I believe that this tendency will increase more and more .This perspective is surely positive above all for young people and future generations.