Leavitt and "The lost language of cranes"



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Leavitt was born in 1961 and comes from a middle-class family. He studied at Yale university and started publishin his stories at the age of twenty. A collection of these stories, “Family dancing” (19849) was praised by the critics, that saw in Leavitt potential great writer the best represant of a new generation. Leavitt clained that is generation differently from the previous one was in search of individual reward and stability. His first novel, “The lost language of cranes” talks about homosexual condition in a heterosexual world.

Leavitt is exceptional is showing his character’s psychology, and he does it with both irony and a feeling of gloom. He usually starti from insignificant details and tries to find that event’s meaning, analyzing his characters’s memories. Leavitt uses the third person, unobtrusive narrator and hisstyle is marked by smoothness, elegance and clearness.

Leavitt’s works focused on the strain relationship between adult homosexuals and their families, and the desire and tries of the first ones to create their own family in a heterosexual society. Another recurring topic is family’s breaking up: Leavitt’s families and their members , all experience negative situations and feelings, as divorce and boredom and they regret the delight of the past.