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Marlowe: was born in Canterbury on February 6, 1564. He has schooling at Canterbury at first, next to Cambridge. His atheistic and nonconformist opinions got him in serious trouble; at matter of fact he was arrested several times but his always released. His literary works is characterised by energy and violent rhetoric; his style is dynamic and energetic; he is the first play-wright to use blank verse in a drama. His language also helps him to create the dynamic nature of his masterpiece.
Shakespeare: he was certainly baptised in Stratford in 1564. apart from writing plays, he was also involved in the building of the globe theatre. He died at Stratford, in 1616. during the period of closure of theatres, Shakespeare writing plays and probably produced the collection of 154 sonnets. His creative expression is not a linear in his previous plays, his is a developed style.
Donne: was born in London in 1572. he was educated by catholic tutors and was sent to Oxford University. He tract the theme of love, rather in indecorous mode. He is a metaphysical poet, and adopting a very realistic and intellectual poetic genre. His style never is stagnate within a single pattern. The language is also varied and eclectic.
Pope: was born in London on May 21, 1688. he is very very tall, and this detail determine his view of life in the years. He wrote The rape of the lock for make a satire on the Augustan society; Pope is a typical Augustan poet in his didactic approach. His work glorify the virtues of Augustan tradition, but in Pope is also the satirical vigour that stands out.
Gray: was born in London on December 26th, 1716. he study at Eton and Cambridge. His famous elegy appeared in its completed form in the summer of 1750. Gray is the poet whose fuses both Neo-classical and Romantic elements. His poetry remains basically Neo-classical in form and structure, but it does reveal Romantic tracts in contents, especially through the interest in nature and in ordinary people. His sympathy for the poor completely innovative and suggestive image of the Romantic.
Defoe: was born in 1660. he attended a famous Dissenting Academy were he studied science and humanities, and wrote a lot of political work like Robinson Crusoe. This story is based on the true story of Alexander Selkirk who had genuinely experienced life on a desert island. He use a journalistic style, crammed factual detail and matter-of-fact events into the story.
Richardson: was born in Derbyshire in 1689. the origin of his first epistolary novel, Pamela, dates back to 1789, when he write a little book of model letters for country readers. He is the master of the epistolary style. The letter form introduced a powerful temperament of sentimentality into the 18th century novel.
Fielding: was born near Glastonbury, Somerset, on April 22, 1707. he know the crude realities of city life, and wrote Tom Jones. This is about the picaresque adventures of a foundling who eventually finds his real roots and manages to marry the woman he loves. The picaresque novels originated in Spain and are typical tales of adventure, full of action, travel and excitement.