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Restoration prose writers can be divided into two groups:
THOMAS HOBBES (1588-1679)
He was son of a clergyman and after studies, become a fervent royalist who left England during the period of the civil war and the Commonwealth. Returned in England and than died at the age of 91.
His most important works are:
- Lev

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The reactions of the characters:
• King Claudius: he understands that Hamlet has discover his guilt. He is worried about what he could do and so he wants to send him in England with the help of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern
• Queen Gertrude: she is anguished and worried for his son. She is also perplexed and amazed because she doesn’t know what

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A comparison between Milton and Dante comes automatically to mind. Both describe hell and are caught up in their religious ideas. But differences exist: in Divina Commedia the hero is the poet; while, in Paradise Lost, Satan is the hero and in these character Milton see himself. Dante gives up a picture of the society of his time, Milton talks mainly of

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• Politic – The atmosphere of optimism (Victorian age) was tragically interrupted by World Wars. Shell-shocking was a mental disease which involved people who are scared for the bombs are dropping down.
• Philosophy – A new view of time was suggested by a great philosopher: Henry Bergson (with William James). Einstein discovers the relativity (noth

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The Act of Union linked Ireland to Britain and abolished the Irish Parliament in 1801. In Ireland there was the crisis of potatos that caused a famine and as potatos were the only resource for Irish People, a million people starved to death, many of them emigrated to the US. Many of this poeple organized riots and re

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Each Dickens’s characters have his sense of humor. We can find this in his characters, dialogue and in whole episodes. He’s able to see the comic aspects of lower – middle class and can be subtle and gentle but also paradoxical and sarcastic.
We can find some negative and positive as

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Poetic diction
Poetry should use familiar,simple language,purified from its real defects,linear,connected with the everyday life.Reason:Such men hourly communicate with the best objects from which the best part of language is originally derived;and because,from their rank in society and the sameness and narrow circle of their intercourse,being less

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The Industrial Revolution
The Industrial Revolution is the change from an agrarian or maritime economy to an industrial (factory-based) economy.The term ‘Industrial Revolution’ could suggest a sudden and violent event.On the contrary changes began to be felt in Britain around 1780 and developed over a number of decades and as a continuing proce

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the death and the rebirth of human society. This concept of a new birth implies a negative view of society and underlines the prophetic role of the poet. Eventually in this ode the poet shows his desire for personal renewal and for the successful spreading of his revolutionary ideas....