Ode to the west wind, Shelley

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Comment of the “Ode to the West Wind”,Shelley

The poem first appeared in 1820,written by Shelley,one of the most important english poets,in a wood near Florence.It composed of 14 lines and is divided into five stanzas. In each stanza he describes the effects of the wind on the nature, a wind that is considered a cosmic power chich affects the whole universe. In the first stanza the wind is described as an essence of seasonal change, as a destroyer and a preserver, and there are described its effects on earth. In the second stanza are described its effects on the air, and in the third stanza the effects on and under the sea. In the fourth stanza the poet implores the wind to lift him and rescue him from prostration. In the last stanza the poet identifies with the wind, becoming the prophet of an humanity’s moment of change. In the ode there are many similes, metaphors and symbols. Key-words of the poem are destroyer and preserver, which sintesize the main concepts of the ode:
the death and the rebirth of human society. This concept of a new birth implies a negative view of society and underlines the prophetic role of the poet. Eventually in this ode the poet shows his desire for personal renewal and for the successful spreading of his revolutionary ideas.