Museum of the straw Domenico Michelacci

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Museum of the straw “Domenico Michelacci”

In Signa, a little town 17 km far from Florence, there is a little museum “The museum of the straw”.
With this museum, Signa hopes to be a point of reference for the art of plaiting, which was very important for the industry in Tuscany on the first 1900s. The braids were also been extraordinarily fortunate in Tuscany.
It is a little museum situated inside the public library of Signa.
The making of straw hat which probably dates from the 14th century, developed into a flourishing industry thanks to Domenico Michelacci from Bologna who settled in Signa in 1714. He invented new methods of cultivating and harvesting wheat, which increased the production of the straw.
The museum contains a lot of straw hats made by different brains, different things made by straw, painters, photos, old machines to make straw ecc.
The windows will give hospitality many things of others exhibition of straw and its history. In the museum there is a periodical entlited “Testi e Studi” (texts and studies), where you can find many interesting news of the museum and the straw.
If you come to see Florence you can’t miss this museum. If you want to go there you should take the train from Florence S.M.N to Signa (only 18 minutes) and the museum is not far from Signa station. It is open on Saturday from 9.00 to 12.00 and from 15.00 to 19.00, and on Sunday from 15.00 to 19.00. If you want to see it another day you can book a visit at 055/875257.
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Museum of the straw “Domenico Michelacci”
Via degli Allberti , 11
50058 SIGNA (FI)
Tel. 055/875257

E-mail: [email protected]