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In Great Britain the Romantic poets are divided into two waves: to the first one belong W. Blake, W. Wordsworth, S. Coleridge; to the second wave belong G. Byron, P. Shelley and J. Keats.
The Romantic Movement rediscovers themes as individualism and subjectivity, the importance of imagination, a sort of religiosity (often a pantheistic religion). Th

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Racism and Discrimination
Racism means judging people in terms of race, nationality, customs and habits, social background or physical appearance, and not in terms of personality, intelligence and achievement. Most people are afraid of anything which doesn't seem to conform to their idea of ‘normality’, that is, to their stereotyped patterns of bea

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In or around 1378, Chaucer began to develop his vision of an English poetry that would be linguistically accessible to all, and obedient neither to the court, whose official language was French, nor the church, whose official language was Latin. Instead, Chaucer wrote in the vernacular English that was spoken in and around London in his day. Undoubtably

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Il termine drakul, in Moldavia, è solo una varietà della serie articolata dei non-morti, tutti definiti per proprietà e caratteristiche nel celebre saggio Il vampiro di Ornella Volta (1964): il varcolaco, ad esempio, che può trasformarsi in vari tipi di animali (rumeno); il farskalcoldo, simile al lupo mannaro (ungherese) così come il vukodlak del

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- il vous a intéresse (vous avez été attentif à des idées) ? Oui, parce que ce film fait voir un monde particulier et intéressant : le monde du crime organisé aux Etats-Unis. Et puis il parle aussi des rapports familiers et affectifs

Sur les personnages :
1) L’interprétation :
Le jeu des acteurs a plutôt
votre partici

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Tintern Abbey, located in the valley of the river Wye, in Wales, was founded by Cistercian monks in 1131 and destroyed at the beginning of 1500. Wordsworth visited its ruins when he was 23, and returned there 5 years later.
Summary and commentary in relation to the key idea. Written in blank verse, the poem is Wordsworth’s first major expl

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     Hemingway was born in the prosperous Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois, to Clarence Hemingway, a family doctor, and Grace Hall, an aspiring opera singer who gave up a possible career for marriage and six children. "At 6 weeks Ernest Miller went to Walloon Lake on the steamship Manitou" (4) with his parents and his nurse. Each summer the family r

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Prof – Did he? Did he? What’s the world like, do you suppose?
Maurice – I don’t know sir, I’m a boy.
Prof – do you have any older brothers, Hall?
Maurice – No, sir. only Kitty and Ada. They’re my sisters, sir.
Prof – No unclease?
Maurice – No, sir. there’s Dr Barry. He knew my father before he dies.
Prof – So you don’t really kno

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One of the most known Kipling’s book is surely Kim. Kim, whose full name is Kimball O’Hara, is the son of an Irish sergeant and of a woman who had been a nursemaid in an English officier’s family. His mother had died when he was an infant, and his father, who had lived for some years with an half-caste woman, began smoking opium and died in

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Early Works
Keats had already written a translation of Aeneid and some verse by Vergil; his first published poems (1816) were the sonnets “Oh, Solitude if I with Thee Must Dwell” and “On First Looking into Chapman's Homer.” Both poems appeared in the Examiner, a literary periodical edited by the essayist and poet Leigh Hunt, one of the champions of