The Augustian age



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Period of stability and prosperity, < power of monarchy, > parliament ~ William of Orange succeeded James II, but he sign the Bill of right ~ Act of union English and Scottish parliament united ~1714 the crown pass to the House of Hannover (George I)
figure of prime minister ~ expansion in India and America, voyage of Cook ~ Internal revolts culminated at battle of Culloden in 1746, jabobites (Scottish, catholic, male descendent of James II) were defeated § Social: increased economy, overseas trade, town, built roads, bridges, canals ~ increasing shift of population from countryside to the towns, because the enclosure favoured big landowners and technology decreased the need for manual labour ~ money started to became an instrument of power § Cultural: Reason, Enlightenment, Neo-classical → prevalence of reason over feelings ~ Coffee Houses became meeting-place for political, cultural and philosophical debates, from which journalism developed ~ Royal society was another important cultural centre ~ writing became a profession ~ several writers looked upon Virgil, Horace and Ovid ~