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Robinson Crusoe
Robinson Crusoe was born in York in 1632. His father wanted he became a lawyer, but Robinson wanted to travel. When he was nineteen he left England. After a terrible journey he went to Guinea, where natives gave him gold for some objects. He went then to Brazil, escaping from Turkish pirates. In Brazil he became a rich planter, but he wanted to travel again. So he went to Guinea with other planters, but during the journey there was a terrible storm. Everybody died, except him. He was transported from the sea to an isolated island. He was alone on that island, so he took some objects from the ship and he made a house. He took a dog and two cats too: they were his only friends. He explored the island and made other houses. His biggest matter was the solitude. He became very ill too but luckily he cured. He wrote a little journal too, but the ink ended. He found a parrot and taught it some English words. After 15 years on the island he found a footprint and after three years again he found human bones. There were cannibals on the island! A day he saved a prisoner from the cannibals and he called him Friday. He became Robinson’s slave and he learnt to speak English. They saved two prisoners after few years and one of them was Friday’s father. A day a ship arrived on the island, but the captain was a prisoner of some rebel. Robinson and Friday killed the rebels, so Robinson could come back to England after 28 years. His parents were died, so he married and had three children. When his wife died, he went with his nephew to India and China. He came back on his island too and there Friday was killed from natives. Robinson was very sad. He went all around the world and when he was 72 he went back to London. In his life Robinson had learnt to appreciate the importance of solitude, courage and peace. Robinson Crusoe is an hero, why it tries of carry out something cultural prodaction, to transform what it sees and that it feels, in something to which believes therefore is a transformer (homo faber). The things in which he believes are those that they regulate the puritan society. Staying in a such situation, stand out the qualities and his aspects that characterized: intelligence and the great talent, self controll, spirit of enterprise, courage, and a fort arranges ethical, in more it controls its energies and it does not waste to them. Daniel Defoe uses the technique of the realism: a page of diary, written from Robinson, every day gives to the novel a true-similar aspect. In this way there is an only point of view, that one of the author and of the narrator who coincide. The fiction is however fictional and not real in order to being belieable.
Friday, a boy, was twenty, slim, and although the typical features, also beautiful likeable cheerful and he had black hats and wolly but it isn’t frizzy. Forehead was low, the black eyes and the not black skin, but bronze. Friday looks after goats and from they it produced milk, with himself had also a parrot. It did not know the languages and he communicated to gestures, but Robinson Crusoe the standard some words, so that he can know more things, and to feel same he more (the protagonist) to house.
Friday was ingenuous and sometimes naive, learning then new things mainly was attracted from these Robinson Crusoe in order to approach more to the model of its society that cause a change also in the clothing, but also in a within more moral: not accepting the cannibalism, he wanted to bury the dead men. Friday was the faithful and sweetest servant, that it succeeded to carry out the activities of the society of Robinson, considering infact this as a advanced being Robinson Crusoe saw such enterprise like a mission given from the divine grace, therefore this was in him. Friday represents the nature, the instinct; while Robinson Crusoe the puritan society, therefore the rationality, is therefore this last that suppress instinct. The relationship between Robinson and Friday are the personification of such process of conquest and exploitation of nature. The figure of the protagonist has also an only functionality, because standard but does not learn.
The society
Robinson Crusoe, staying on the desert island, tries to bring back on this its same society, this its will implies also a metaphor, that is also in that new context, our hero from the double face bring its social rules, creating an alternative to the nature and a contrast between the open society and that one closed. Society is then with of ideas and choices completed from a group of persons, but the man detaching from the natural state (creating therefore a reality apart) cause not harmony, but also a distinction from men of others period: in fact it’s the will of the man to find one its freedom to put oneself in contrast with the closed society, like was two kingdon. It’s just the this conflictb(internal for Caty and outside for Heathcliff) is found again in the film Wuthering Heights. Care to other heroes is Faustus the new bourgeois hero, that is the scientist one that it wants to exceed all limits; also Marlowe wants to exceed the social limits, personal, comprised the dead. Both wants therefore to exceed the limits, distinguishing from the others and for having their individual freedom.



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