Tour in Veneto



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Day 1 London – Belluno
Departure from London in the early morning. Arrival in Belluno in the early afternoon. Then you stop for lunch in a tipical trattoria. After that you visit the Cathedral and some fountains in the city centre. You continue for the scenic streets to visit S. Stefano and Pietro’s churches and Palace of Justice. On the way, you can take a first look at patrician palaces. In the evening you have dinner in a tipical restaurant. After that you depart for Bassano del Grappa to reach the hotel.

Day 2 Bassano del Grappa – Marostica
In the morning you take a trip to a characteristic city of Bassano del Grappa. You visit the Civic Museum, S. Giovanni Battista’s church, the Ossario and finally the Wooden Bridge (or Alpini’s Bridge). In the early afternoon you have lunch in a tipical restaurant of Bassano del Grappa, San Bassiano. After that you reach the picturesque Marostica, a city that is enclosed by fourteenth-century wall. You have the chance to be present at characteristic chess-match with real people. In the evening you reach the spectacular Castello Superiore for dinner. After that you return at the hotel.

Day 3 Castelfranco Veneto – Cittadella
In the morning you depart to reach Castelfranco Veneto. Here you can visit tha Cathedral with works of art of Giorgione. Then you visit the castle with five towers. You have free time for shopping and lunch. In the afternoon you head for Cittadella, a medieval city. You can pass across the cattle’s open market. In the evening you have dinner in a pizzeria. After that you return at the hotel.

Day 4 Verona
In the morning you depart for Verona, a well-known city of Romeo and Juliet. When you arrive, you visit Juliet’s house. Then you continue the visit with Bra Square, where there is the historic Arena, the Maffei Palace, Signori’s Square. After that you have a free time for lunch and leisure. In the afternoon you visit the gotic-romanesque Cathedral and finally Giusti Palace with a magnificent garden. In the late afternoon you return at the hotel for dinner.

Day 5 Padua
In the morning you depart for reach Padua, an artistic and cultural city. Here there is one of the most ancient university (1222) and you take a first look at this university. You also visit the romansque Cathedral and Prato della Valle. After that you have free time for lunch and shopping. Then you visit Scrovegni’s Chapel with frescos’ Giotto and then you visit the romanesque-gotic S. Antonio’s Basilica. In the late afternoon you reach the hotel for dinner. After dinner you can have the possibility of visit Bassano del Grappa by night.

Day 6 Burano – Murano
In the early morning you depart for Venice, to visit Murano and Bureno’s islands. First of all you visit the isle of Murano, you reach her by ferry from Venice. This island is famous in the world for her mosaics, her glass-blowing factory and her museum of glass-art, you visit these point of interest. You visit also gotic and renaissance palaces. You have dinner in a tipical trattoria. In the afternoon you visit S. Maria and S. Donato’s Basilica. Then you reach the isle of Burano by ferry. Here you pass in her picturesque alleys for admire the old-women that works to a lace. In the late afternoon you depart for return in London.