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The narrative structure is particularly complex: the first narrator, Douglas, who is one of the guest assembled in a hold house one winter evening. After a series of anticipations, Douglas consents to read to the little group the whole story as it was written by the woman who was the protagonist of the events: she was his sister’s governess, and sent him the manuscript before dying. Much later Douglas will send to the first narrator the same manuscript before dying.
The story is about a young girl who is employed as a governess to two orphan children by their rich uncle who is a gentleman and she immediately is conquered by him. He offers her a very generous salary but on one condition: she must never trouble him, and she accepts. The two children, Flora and Miles, are very charming but soon the governess learn that Miles has been expelled from school for mysterious reasons, which are not mentioned. She likes walking in the ground and one day, during her solitary walks, she sees a man at the vary top of one of the two towers and for a moment she thinks that her fantasy, that’s about the children’s uncle, has become reality, but then she realises that the man is not him. After some time there is a second apparition, when she is in the dining-room she sees the same man one the other side of the window, so she decides to tell Mrs Groose, the housekeeper, about her two apparitions. Mrs Groose wants to know more and the governess describes the man: he’s tall, his hair are red, he has a pale face, eyebrows dark and arched, sharp and strange eyes, red whiskers, and he gives a sort of sense of looking like an actor. At the end Mrs Groos say that the man that the Governess had seen was Peter Quint and that he’s dead; it creates a sense of suspance and mystery and obviously when the Governess understand it she’s shocked.



  1. Sara

    Un riassunto breve del libro che si chiama THE TURN OF THE SCREW