Henry VIII



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Henry VIII (1509 – 1547)

He succeeded his father when he was 18, in 1509.
He was a typical Renaissance prince: he loved music, dance, literature. He was a poet and an athlete too. He was really cruel and he executed those who displeased him.
He was more ambitious than his father. He spent money in:
- Warship.
- Weapons.
- Making English fleet the best in Europe.

He was the king of Reformation. The religious revolution started from a quarrel with Pope, because he asked Pope for a divorce from his first wife Chatrin of Aragon (who married just for dynastic reasons). He wanted to marry Anne Boleyn. She was the mother of Elisabeth I.
Obviously the Pope refused the request.
So Henry VIII decided to break with Rome. He declared himself Supreme Head of the Church, in 1534. Then he decided to seize the monasteries wealth.
At that time his chancellor was Sir Thomas More, his friend and a good catholic.
Thomas More was against the divorce and did not accept the break with Rome. So Henry VIII executed him.

Henry VIII confiscated all the English Church lands. A part of these was given or sold to land-owners and to members of the middle classes. He did this to have some supporters.
The last year of Henry was dangerous for him and for England too, because thw widespread poverty and the unemployment: these could bring a civil war.

Succession after Henry VIII:
- Edward VI. He was just a child.
- Mary, called the Bloody (1553-1558). She persecuted the Protestants. Mary got the title of
Bloody for this persecutions.
- Elisabeth I (1559-1503).
- James I.

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