Gulliver's Travels

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This book speaks about the story of Gulliver. Gulliver at the age of seventeen left the studies since his father, having five sons, didn’t have money to maintain him. For some time he worked with a surgeon in London and, while medicine he also studied navigation and math because his one desire was to travel. After several years he decided to stay at London he married and tried to settle down. But on May 4th, 1699 he departed on the ship Antelope, sailing to the South Seas. During the travel they had to leave the ship because it hit a rock and broke in two. By swim he arrived on an island and he was so tired that he slept straight away. When he woke up, he searched to get up but he couldn’t because he was fixed to the ground. He could only watch the sky when he felt something moving on his foot. He saw a very little man. He was less than fifteen centimeters tall! After some time Gulliver understood that was a prisoner of a particular population. They didn’t speak the same language but the little-men understood that he was hungry and thirsty and they gave him to eat and to drink. And he began to feel sleepy because there was a sleeping potion in the wine that he drank. While he slept they built a kart to transport him to the city. When he arrived there they putted him into a temple that was not used for religious ceremonies because an assassination had taken place there some years before. This temple was to be his new house. They chained his left leg so that he could only walk one meter away from the door. At last they took off the strings so he could stand up. After that he met the Royal family, but they sat a safe distance, Gulliver searched to answer at the King’s question but he didn’t understand. So he sent someone to teach him their language. After that the Royal family went out Gulliver had a collision with some people. Later a friend told him that the incident was related to the King; in fact the King and his court were very busy because they didn’t know what to do with him: he was very expensive and someone wanted to kill him. But they decided to leave to live him. The King confiscated all the things that he had in the pockets and said that he’ll return them to him when he left the country. The people became less afraid of him. A day they found on the beach a big thing all black and Gulliver understood that it was his hat so he had it back. At last the King sent him some special orders that he had to respect. He couldn’t leave the country and go to the city without their permission, he could walk only along the main roads and many other… The first thing that he asked was to visit the city Mildendo, he waited for the citizens went in their houses. A night an important man went to talk to him about the quarrelling in Lilliput between two parties -- the High-Heels and the Low-Heels. They could be distinguished by the height of heels in their shoes. The king and all were in the Government were Low-Heels. Then that man told to him about the grave problem that they had with the inhabitants of Blefusco they were one against the other from some centuries of years. The King wanted like his help to defeat Blefusco, so Gulliver a day started to Blefusco he defeated the city and returned to Lilliput with forty of their largest ships. The King was so pleased that he wanted him to go back and bring all the other ships, because he wanted to conquer Blefusco and made the people his servants. But Gulliver didn’t accept to make those people servants. After about three weeks, six important ambassadors came from Blefusco with humble offers of peace. The King made certain conditions and so they made the peace. The ambassadors invited him to go to visit their city and the Kings became friends. The Lilliputians had some traditions different from our: for example they wrote slanting from the corner of a page to an other, the laws of Lilliput are enforced by penalties and by rewards and there the parents didn’t stay with their children many time and when they went to school they saw their parents twice a year, for not more than one hour. A day Gulliver went to visit the King of Blefusco and there he learnt that there was a plot against him. After some time that Gulliver was at Blefusco he asked at the King of Blefusco if he could built a ship for him because he wanted to return home. After a month he was ready to leave. The king gave him many animals and drinks to can survive during the travel. After three days at sea he saw a ship in the distance. As he came nearer he saw that it was flying an English flag. He went on the ship where he met an old friend of his, when Gulliver told him about his story he thought that he was mad, but when he saw the little animal ha was convinced. In England his adventure caused great interest and he made a lo of money by showing his animals to important people. He staid two months at home with his family, till that his desire to visit other countries became too much for him. But that is an other story!