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1)AUTORE:Mary Shelley(text adaptation by M.Jackson,text-based analysis by J.Rainey).
3)EDIZIONE:Black cat-Cideb 2003.
4)GENERE:Fanciful tale.
-Geneva:native country of Frankenstein and all his family.
-Ingolstadt:place where was Frankenstein’s university.
-Forest of Ingolstadt:place where the monster saw a hut for the first time,and admirated its confort.
-Alpine valleys:place where Frankenstein looked for the monster to kill him.
-Prison:Frankenstein spent two months in prison because he was accused of murder.
-Paris:after the imprisonment Frankenstein followed his father in Paris.
-Como:place where Frankenstein and Elisabeth spent their honeymoon.
6)EPOCA:Not identified.
-Mrs.Margaret:she was Walton’s sister.
-Robert Walton:he was an explorer who sailed along the north pole coast.
-Victor Frankenstein:he was a swiss student of chemistry,who born in Geneva.
-Henry Clerval:he was a dear friend of Frankenstein.
-Frankenstein’s creation:he was a monster.he had yellow and wrinkled skin,long and black hair
and watery eyes.He was horrible and monstrous.
-Elisabeth:she was Frankenstein’s adopted sister and Frankenstein’s wife.She was gentle and very
beautiful,with golden hair and blue eyes.
-Alphonse Frankenstein:Frankenstein’s father,he was a magistrate.
-William:he was Frankenstein’s little brother.
-Justine:she was a Frankenstein’s family servant.She was accused of William’s murder.
-De Lacey:he was an old frenchman of good family.
-Safie:she was a young and beautiful lady,with dark hair and eyes.
-Felix/Agatha.they were De Lacey’s sons.
Walton’s letters,tell us the story of Frankenstein,a swiss student of chemistry,and his terrible creation of a monster.
The monster,was good and gently at first but eventually he showed himself as an horrible being who wanted to destroy everyone,above of all his creator.
He became like this because all the people who saw him were afraid for his ugliness:the reason why,he was always alone.
After some events,the monster started to kill people of Frankenstein’s family,and everybody who rejected him;for this reason,Frankenstein,after the monster’s murders ,decided to follow his creation to kill him.He run behind him all over the world,as far as,an ice land where they had their last meeting(in fact Frankenstein wanted to revenge the death of his family,especially of his love Elisabeth).
However Frankenstein became ill and while he was searching the monster,he died on Walton’s ship.When the monster found the painful end of his creator,he became sad and sorry so,for his sorrow,he escaped far from everything and everybody.
I liked this book because it deal with the adventure of Frankenstein and his horrible creation.It’s an interesting story,different from the others,that concerns many personages and many places.



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    traduzione completa del libro Frankeistein , casa editrice black cat, autrice Mary Shelley.