Discos never open before 11 pm



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discos never open before 11 pm.. should they anticipate their opening and consequently their closing, do you think the young would enjoy less? why?
Discos are becoming a real “way of life” for youngest and this phenomenon followed-up especially in European countries. Being in very close contact with music at loud volume, dancing with hundreds of other young is now a real status symbol and is the main reasons for millions people all over Europe. Disco’s habitué enjoy also the fact of spending their night and often a piece of the next morning outside, drinking and having fun with no rules or timetables.
But there are a lot of negative consequences of these behaviours; road accidents, violence, use of drugs and abuse of alcohol are only some of the problem caused by youngsters during the permanence into the discos or outside of them.
Governments and Police all aver the world tried in the last years to analyse the phenomenon to solve this great problem that cause a lot of deaths every year and could be a real danger for society and pacific cohabitation.
The most part of discos never open before 11pm and the most part of young people don’t enter into discos before midnight. This is a social behaviour that in the last few years is continuously increased modifying the hour of entrance later in the night every year.
This could be considered not only as a new style but also a use, a way of living life and spending time during weekends. Aperitif, Dinners and pubs developed through years the culture of “being late”, so diffuse among young.
It’s not true that young could enjoy less discos that anticipate their opening but this behaviour of being constantly late is so deep-seated among young, that everyone that have a different disposition toward discos and want to anticipate his entrance, is alone in his decision, because the rest of his friends, and generally the whole population is accustomed with that “timetable” during the weekend.
Consequently this behaviour is the cause of a lot of social problems but is hard to be changed and the proposal to open and close discos beforehand is not the only solution to solve this problem.
In fact also young’s behaviour have to be changed to obtain positive results. And the change could be realised giving, for example, some reductions and free drinks to young that decide to anticipate their entrance and exit in and from discos, or also anticipating the arrive of deejays and the beginning of musical events into the pubs.
This little examples can demonstrate that with some advantages for young or variations in events’ timetables, the population and especially the youngest part of that, could be helped to change his mind about habits in the weekend and making nights and cities more safe and discos more dutiful about rules in opening and closing.