Africa a land of contrast



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Wide open spaces, unspoilt nature, high plains, towering mountains, parched deserts, sun-drenched beaches, virgin forests, wildlife treasures as the big five game animals (elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, rhino), rich diversity of cultures, ancient ceremonials attract visitors with a sense of adventure.
A land of contrast
This vast and diverse continent, stretching from shores of Mediterranean to the Cape of Good Hope and encompassing the world’s largest desert and one of its most extensive rainforests, is the adventurer’s last frontier. Africa is a land of contrasts: the stunning oases and barren mountains of the Sahara desert, the inspiring beauty of snow-capped Kilimanjaro rising from the East African plateau, the lush and mist-covered volcanoes and lakes of the Rift Valley, colourful tribal people and the lure of ancient Egypt. Perhaps nowhere in the world will you find such a variety of cultures, vistas, contrasts and contradictions, cities (ancient and modern), and roaming big game.
Travelling in Africa is certainly no package tour. It requires determination, patience and stamina. Always remember to respect other people’s customs and sensibilities, and you will always have a friend. This continent and its people have a great deal teach and offer to the other people of the world. Treat it and them with respect. Africa offers everything you could possibility conceive of. The possibilities are endless.
The most beautiful place on Earth: South Africa
The natural beauty of sunny South Africa, with the friendliness and diversity of our people, will welcome you in a magic atmosphere of unique landscape. The desert wildlife is suggestive and breathtaking.
The culture of our warm people will enchant you.
So come down under and enjoy African nature!
Trip through the Republic of South Africa
Day 1° Roma
We depart by Roma Ciampino on South African Airlines and on arrival we will transfer by air-conditioned deluxe motor coach from Pretoria airport to our hotel. Meals and overnight stay on board.
Day 2° Pretoria and Johannesburg
Arrival at Pretoria and breakfast in hotel. After meeting our Tour Manager we reach the modern capital city centre, where we can admire the signs of glorious past of ancient inhabitants. Lunch in typical restaurant. In the morning we drive to historic city of Johannesburg, the most peopled area, it’s the industrial and financial heart of the Republic. Supper in hotel. Night free to spend at leisure.
Day 3° Kruger National Park
We spend all the day inside this marvellous green land with colourful and various vegetation. Lunch pic nic. Supper and overnight stay in Lodge inside the park. We can see some of the numerous animals that inhabit this magnificent wildlife sanctuary. We have the possibility of join an exciting “open vehicle” game drive, and we can look for Africa’s “Big Five” - Elephant, Rhino, Buffalo, Lion and Leopard.
Day 4° Dragons Mountains
After breakfast we depart by jeep 4x4. Our route today takes us to the scenic natural border of plateau, it’s an impressive panorama of unspoilt nature. From the peaks go down the river Orange, the most important water-course of the region. Lunch pic nic.
After lunch we can enjoy an optional excursion climbing the steeps rocky walls. Return to the hotel for supper. After supper folkloristic spectacle.
Day 5° Richards Bay
Breakfast in hotel. It’s away to Natal today, we walk across the unique sunny beaches. Lunch in typical restaurant. This morning we have time to make a stop for relax. Return to the hotel for supper and overnight stay.

Day 6° Port St.Johns
Breakfast in hotel. This morning we depart by jeep 4x4 from Richard Bay to Port Elizabeth. We make a stop at the lovely city of Port St. Johns, central point of the maritime commerce. There’s time, too, to pop into manufacturing shops before we continue our tour. In the late night we arrive to Port Elizabeth. We arrange in hotel for supper and overnight stay.
Day 7° Port Elizabeth
After breakfast we tour along typical terraced house on the border of the city. Lunch in a restaurant. This morning we attend the conference “Story of the colonization”. Local population show us the focal points of the difficult independence of South Africa. Return to the hotel for supper and overnight stay.
Day 8° Cape City
Breakfast in hotel. This morning we go down to the most southern point of the continent on the Atlantic Ocean. Facultative excursion to Kirstenbosch botanical gardens. Lunch in a restaurant. After lunch we take a first look at Islamic Malay quarter of Bo-Kaap, one of the most beautiful parts of the city. Night free to spend at leisure. Return to the hotel for overnight stay.
Day 9° Kakamas
Breakfast in hotel. This morning we depart by jeep 4x4 from Cape City to Kalahari Gemsbock National Park. We make a stop at the characteristic city of Kakamas, located on the side of the river Orange. Lunch in a typical restaurant. After lunch we continue our trip. In the early night we reach the most southern area of the Kalahari Desert. We arrange in comfortable lodges inside the park.
Day 10° Kalahari Gemsbock National Park
Today is completely dedicated to a photographic safari of the unique and spectacular rocky landscape. Inside the park we can see animals of every kind, it’s an unforgettable experience.
Day 11° Kimberley
Breakfast in hotel. This morning we transfer by air-conditioned deluxe motor coach from Kalahari Gemsbock National Park to Kimberley Airport and back home.