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One day the animals of an english farm decide to start a rebellion against the Man. A night Old Major, the most important pig in the farm, tells to the other animals that he dreamed about a life without the Man, infact they are forced to work for him but they haven’t nothing, theyr lives are miserabile and short. After the Old Major death the animals didn’t know when the rebellion would take place, but they begin to prepare for it.Two pigs, Snowball and Napoleon elaborate the Old Major’s teaching and begin to teach the “animal rules” to the other. After some months,the farmer, Mr Jones, gets so drunk that forget feeding his animals. They drive out from the farm Mr Jones and his men.
At the first the animals couldn’t believe in their fortune so they have a big meal together and then they destroy all that remembers them Mr Jones. Now the farm belongs to all the animals.They write on a wall the “seven commandments” that are the rules of living.
The new day begins with the harvest: the animal are quick and paceful and all through the summer the work of the farm goes like a clockwork.The work of the coming week is planned out and resolutions are debated toghether.
But in a short time begin the first problems: Napoleon and Snowball are never in agreement, and every day there are strong debates. They try to create classes in reading and writing, but only the most intelligent of them can learn to read. Pigs are the mind of the farm and take gradually more power.
gets so drunk si ubriaca tanto da feeding dar da mangiare drive out scacciano
harvest mietitura clockwork(il lavoro procede)come un orologio
debated discusse agreement non vanno d’accordo

During the summer the news of what had happened on the Animal Farm spread across the country. Napoleon and Snowball send many pigeons to the neighbour farms to persuade other animal to begin the Rebellion.
Mr Jones asks help to other farmers, but they want to take advantage of the situation. In particular, two owners , Mr Pilkington and Mr Frederick are frightened by the rebellion, so they want to prevent an insurrection in theyr own farms. They begin to scorn the leadership, then they tell about cannibalism, tortures and wickedness into the animal farm. However these stories are never fully believed and throughout that year a wave af rebelliousness runs through the countryside. Even the song “Beast of England” is known everywhere and humans are frightened by the rebellions.
In October Mr Jones and all his men try to enter in the farm. The animal are ready. Snowball gives orders to the other: pigeons and geese create a little disorder , Benjamin the mule and the sheeps push the men from everyside. Then horses, cows and pigs begin the charge: the men are scratched, bitten and trampled, so they retire from the farm. The animals are winner and excited. They create a military decoration for Snowball, the lead pig, and Boxer, the horse.
After the battle the life continue at the farm, but there are some problems. Molly the mare ,becomes troublesome: she runs away from work and one day she disappears and escapes to stay with humans.
During the winter nothing can be done in the field so the animal plan out the work of coming season, but the pigs decide all questions of farm policy because they are cleverer than the other animals. Snowball and Napoleon disagree at every point and there are violent debates, especially about the windmill. It could supply the farm with electrical power and animals listen about fantastic machines which would do their work for them. Snowball plans all the windmill but the animals are divided on the vote. Napoleon is adverse to the project because it will take them too much time and energy. During the debate Napoleon utters a signal and nine enormous dogs come into the barn and drive out Snowball. They are the puppies whom Napoleon has taken away from their mothers and reared privately. Napoleon takes the entire power, and the animals are dismayed but also terrified. Three weeks after Snowball’s expulsion Napoleon announces the construction of the windmill. It will take very hard work and it is necessary to reduce their rations. The animal’s life starts to become harder.
All the next year animals work like slaves but it isn’t enough. The windmill presents unexpected difficulties: no animal can stand on his hind legs, so the work is slow and hard.They neglet the fields to work at the project and they need materials that can’t be produced on the farm. Napoleon decides to engage in trade with the neighbouring farms in order to obtain materials. Noboby dares to disagree. So every Monday Mr Whimper visits the farm as a solicitor and executes Napoleon orders.The pigs became gradually like humans, infact they move into the farm house, have meals in the dining room and sleep in beds.
But one morning the windmill is in ruins and Napoleon accuses Snowball, and orders to rebuild the windmill.
Neighbour vicini take advantage approfittare frightened spaventati
insurrection insurrezione scorn disprezzare leadership direzione wickedness malvagità
believed credute throughout per tutto rebelliousness indocilità geese capre
charge carica scratched graffiati bitten morsi trampled calpestati
mare puledra troublesome seccante disappears scompare escapes scappa
cleverer più intelligenti windmill mulino a vento adverse contrario
utters emette barn fienile reared allevato dismayed sgomenti
hind legs zampe posteriori solicitor procacciatore d’affari neglet trascurare dare osare
SUMMARY OF CHAPTERS 7th - 8th - 9th -10th
The next period is very hard: the work on the windmill can’t go on because the bitter winter .The corn ration is drastically reduced so the animals are always cold and hungry. Napoleon orders to hide the real situation: sheep are instructed to lie about rations and Mr Whymper, the intermediary is led to the filled store–shed and he is deceived so he reports to the outside that the farm is rich. Nevertheless, towards the end of January it becomes obvious that it is necessary to procure some grain : Napoleon orders to the hens to produce four hundred eggs a week, these eggs will be sold to have grain. For the first time since the expulsion of Jones there is something resembling a rebellion: the hens fly up the rafters and there lay their eggs, which fall and break on the floor. Napoleon acts swiftly and ruthlessy: any animal giving food to them will be punished by death . The hens give up after five days.
Napoleon continues to make affairs with the other farmers so sells a pile of timber to Mr Frederick, in spite of the animals hate all humans. But after few days the find out that the money is false.
During this time he declares that Snowball was Jones secret agent : the animals are frightened and they believe to every accuse. Snowball is declared a traitor. Only Boxer, the horse, can’t believe to those declarations.
Four days later, Napoleon sends his dogs against four pigs and Boxer himself: they try to attack the horse, but Boxer is too strong. So Napoleon changes countenance and condemns to death only the four pigs, guilty to have protested when Napoleon abolished the Sunday meeting. That is the confession day: the dogs kill four pigs, three hens, a goose and three sheep. The animal are shook and frightened: the sixth commandment says that no animal can kill another animal.
Clover, the other horse, understands that it isn’t what they aimed, and terror isn’t what they have looking forward. She wanted a society of animals where they would be set free and equal. The other animals sitting a round her begin to sing “Beast of England” but Squealer, the Napoleon spokesperson orders them to stop: that song has been replaced with another one .
The life is harder: they rebuild the windmill but they are always hungry, confessions are turned into death penalty , animals hears about tortures in other farms, Napoleon becomes a oppressor.
One day Mr Frederick try to attack the Animal Farm and many of them are wounded. The humans destroy the windmill in spite of the animals chase them after a bitter battle. Squealer try to convince the animal that they are the winner but they are tired, hurt and sad.
After some days the pigs discover a case of whisky in the farmhouse cellar: they drink all and become drunk. But they begin to grow barley.
Once again the ration are reduced, except those of the pigs and dogs. The animals believe to all Squealer words: now they are free even they are always hungry. A the farm the animals have Thirty-one young pigs born and Napoleon wants teach to them separately.
In the middle of the summer, Moses the raven reappears after an absence on several years and continue to tell about Sugarcandy Mountain and many of the animals believe to him.
During that time all the animals work like slaves: for the farm, for the pigs school and for the rebuilding of the windmill. Boxer is ill and old but pigs instead cure him sell him to the butcher.
Years pass, no one can remember the Rebellion days. The farm is more prosperous, the first windmill is completed and they start to build another one. They have a treshing machine but Napoleon and the pigs take the entire power. They are the only farm owned and operated by animals and they continue to dream a better life. One day Clover sees a dressed pig walking on his hind legs: the animals are amazed and terrified. That evening at the farm arrive some guests: a deputation of neighbouring farmers have been invited to make a tour of inspection. They play cards with pigs and talk friendly about the farm.
The transformation is complete. The pigs are now like humans.

bitter crudo, freddo lie mentire intermediary procacciatore filled riempiti give up si arrendono spokesperson portavoce substituted sostituito death penalty pena di morte hurt feriti store –shed magazzini
deceived tratto in inganno rafters trespoli ruthlelly spietato
a pile of timber una pila di tronchi countenance comportamento
grow coltivare barley orzo speeches discorsi butcher macellaio
Sugarcandy Mountain montagna di pan di zucchero( luogo di fantasia) cure curare
treshing trebbiare



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