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2) LOCATION: East Coast of the U.S.A., …… an islands
3) ORIGIN: Dates back to 1606, when the Dutchman Peter Minnewit bought the island of
Manhattan from the Indians and founded a colony called New Amsterdam. The name
of New York was given by the English, who conquered the territory in 1664.
4) ACTRATTIONS: Monuments:
• The Statue of Liberty: is a symbol of us through out the world. It stands on island at the entrance to N.Y. harbour and was a present of the French in 1886. Is possible a trip inside its body moreover it has an Immigration’s Museum.
• Wall Street: It is the heart of the financial district and is located at the southern tip of Manhattan. Along Wall Street are the historical building that housed the first bank and N.Y. stock exchange.
• Brooklyn Bridge: Was the first bridge to link Manhattan and Brooklyn in 1883 and remained the longest bridge in the world for 20 years. It has a pedestrian walkway and the view of the city through the net of cables is magnificent.
• The World Trade Centre: call also Twin Towers, was built in 1970 and has became a hallmark of the city’s skinline. A lot of people visit it every day. The south tower has an observation deck and the north tower offers a complex of restaurants.
• Broadway: Is the longest street in the world and its name has given to Times Square as its centre, at the junction of Broadway, seventy Avenue and 42 N.D. Street, although the Theatre District. Among this important street is “Carnegie Hall”.
• Fifth Avenue: Is one of New York’s main shopping through fares. It is one of the most fascinating walks rich of elegant shops. It was already an exclusive residential area in the world after civil war.
• The Empire State Building: Built in 1931, was the world’s tallest building as the time. Its elegance have made it one of the finest skyscrapers ever built. King Kong, who climbed in 1933 film, made it even more famous. It has 102 floors.
• The United Nations: Is a complex on the banks of the East River and it is dominated by the secretariat building. The United Nations was built in the late 1940. It is most interesting to visit when the General Assembly is in session.
• The Rockefeller Centre: Is an imposing group of skyscrapers located in midtown Manhattan. The various buildings are connected by underground passages and have a daily working population of nearly 250.000, the channel gardens lead to the “Lower Plaza”, an open area where are lots of café in summer and a skating rink in winter. In this complex there’s also Radio City Musicahall.
• The Lincoln Centre: Is a complex of 6 buildings for xforming art built between 1959 and 1969. Its centerpiece is