Robinson's safe landing on shore



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Robinson’s safe landing on shore

He was landed and safe on shore and he began to look up and thank God that his life was saved. He walked about on the shore, wrapt up in the contemplation of his deliverance, making a thousand gestures and motions, reflecting upon all his comrades that were drowned and that there should not be one soul saved but his-self; for, as for them, he never saw them after words or any sign of them, except three of their hats, one cap, and two shoes that were not fellows. Than he began to see in a what kind of place he was and he understood that he was in a dreadful deliverance: for he was wet, had no clothes to shift him, nor anything either to eat or drink, neither did he see any prospect before him, but that of perishing with hunger, or being devoured by wild beasts because he had no weapons to defend himself. He had nothing but a knife, a tobacco-pipe and a little tobacco in a box.
Night coming and he began to consider if there were any ravenous beasts in that country so he decided to get up into a tree (fir). He walked about two hundred meter from the shore to see if he could find any fresh water to drink and put a little tobacco in his mouth to prevent hunger.
Then he went to the tree and placed himself so as that, if he should sleep he might not fall. He cut a short stick for his defence. When he waked-up the sea did not rage and swell as before and sheep was lifted-off in the night near some rocks and he wished himself on board, that, at least, he might save some necessary things.
When he come down from the tree, he looked about him again, and the first things that he found was the boat, which lay about two miles on the shore. He walked upon the shore to have got to her, but found a neck of water between he and the boat; so he came back for the present. In the after noon he found the sea calm and the tide ebbed so he swam as far as the ship with the aid of a rope and found the boat full of water but the food dry. Then he made a raft to carry all the things to shore.
He wanted three of the seamen’s chests, witch he had broken, open and empty and lowered them down upon his raft. The first of this he filled with provision, viz. bread, rice, three Dutch cheeses, five pieces of dry ’d goat’s flesh and a European corn. As for liquors he found several cases of bottles.
While he was doing this, he found the tide began to flow and he saw his coat, shirt and waistcoat, which he had left on shore upon the sand, swim away. Then he found some clothes and tools to work.