Sheakespeare's Macbeth

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Sheakespeare’s Macbeth

Act one
The first act begins with the meet of Macbeth and his friend Banquo coming back from the battle ground, with three witches who predict him he was going to become sir of Cawdor and King of Scotland. When the two knights arrive at the royal castle they know the notice of the death of the sir of Cawdor and the king name him lord. So Macbeth get to believe in what whitches predicted him so, pressed by his wife, he invites home king Duncan to dinner.

Act two
During the night Macbeth ,helped by the wife, kills king Duncan and blame the king’s servants for killing and kill them too. But king’s sons escape from Scotland to England because they are afraid of being accused for Duncan’s death.
Macbeth becomes king

Act three
Then Macbeth invite all the knights to have dinner to his home, and pays two killers to get rid of Banquo who is in doubt with Macbeth’s actions. In fact after his death Banquo’s phantom disturbs Macbeth who leaves room and goes sleep.
During the sixth scene Lennox and a gentleman talking about past events say Fleance killed his father Banquo and Mc Duff escaped because he’s a traitor.

Act four
Macbeth meets again the witches who predict him that a man would advise him that McDuff is alive, than they predict him that nobody born by a woman can kill him and at last they predict him he will never be beaten by an enemy if a wood isn’t coming against him. So Macbeth kills MacDuff’s wife and son and someone informed MacDuff of this then he comes back in Scotland with Malcom and Ross to take a revenge on the king.

Act five
During her sleeps Lady Macbeth says something of her and his husband’s actions against king Duncan and a doctor notices this. Meanwhile english forces move against the castle and after a short battle MacDuff who was born by Cesarean birth kills Macbeth and names Malcom king of Scotland.