Composed upon Westminster Bridge

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Wordsworth composed this sonnet on the roof of the coach on his way to France to visit Annette Vallon. In this lines the poet describe the beauty of London on early morning. For the poet the city is wearing the best dress and only a Dull ( Line 1) can ignore this splendour. In fact he sees the natural elements which one the river, the sun, the sky, the valley, the rock and hill but also the objects that man made as the ships, the towers, the theatres, the temple and the houses. The natural elements and the objects made by the man are connected by the beauty of the city. The urban setting can be regarded as natural life because man, who made the city, is himself natural. In the poem we can be read a sense of tranquillity and calm, in fact there are a lot of adjectives: silent, calm, asleep, sweet but also a sense of solemnity as majesty and mighty.
This is a Petrarchian sonnet composed by 14 lines and divided in 2 quartins and 2 terzet. The rhyme scheme is ABBA ABBA CDC DCD.
The poet uses metaphor, repetition, personification and simily. This sonnet can be divided into three phrases:
1) introduction
2) description of London
3) poet’s emotional response



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