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Netiquette stands for internet etiquette (etiquette and internet) that is a collection of rules of politness you must respect when surfing on the Net, particularly in mailing lists and forums.
We can use abbreviations as “u” for you, “ne1” for anyone etc. when I’m writing on IRC, web forums and newsgroups.
The expression “think before you post” means that we must think if a message, which we want to send to a newsgroup, could be offensive or vulgar, and if it can make a positive contribution to it. You should check the grammar, and all the mistakes. In other words remember the human, it means you aren’t chatting with computers, but with real people, who have the same rights and feelings you have. So we must be careful when we want to post something, if we don’t want to be misinterpreted.
Internet has developed a has developed a list of symbols, called emoticons and acronyms, to avoid misinterpretations. They are used to show the way you feel, if we are ironic serious etc., but we must pay attention don’t overuse them.
It isn’t right to write long and complex messages because the important is to give the essential information writing the shortest that is possible.
A newsgroup is a place in acomputer network where people can discuss a particular subject and exchange information about it.You can save yourself and everyone else a lot of irritation if you take the time to find out what a group is all about before you join in the discussion , this is called lurking. Lurking means that you take the time to read some messages or check the archives so that you have a clear sense of what the group is all about and what kinds of messages are appropriate.
If someone violate netiquette we should edit the distribution, sending him/her a message by private e-mail. Do not post a follow-up to the offending post, but be polite. Everyone can make a mistake, and maybe the he/she isn’t responsable for it.