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THOMAS ELIOT:eliot is the greatest poet of Edwardian period.Before modernism novel presents people in a social context.Oscar Wilde is a step toward the psychological analysis.The causes of unsatisfaction are the refuse of traditional form.The poet of first world war were conventional in style but revolutionary in contest.Imagist were characterized by hard and precise images,free verse,choice of any subject,short poem.Is work can be divided into two periods:before and arter is conversion to Anglicanism.The work of the first period are characterized by a pessimistic vision of the world.Purification,hope and joy are the key words of the works of the second period.Eliot results influenced by dolcestil novo,metaphisical theatre,french symbolism.His style characterized by objectivity in impersonality.
The Waste land:1.Centres on the basic opposition between sterility and fertility,life and death 2.juxtaposes the present squallor to a past ambiguous splendour 3.The theme of present alienation is rendered trough the description of a loveles 4.Reinforces othe idea of a espiritual shipwreck 5.A vokes religions.
LAWRENCE:Is father was a miner and so he wrote about the working class hero.This theme is important in sons and lovers but olso in lady chatterley’s lover were the exclusion from the working class and the critic to the clientelism are important.Sex is a living force and the emotions are more important than reason.A key pont in the regret for the split of literature and philosopy.He didn’t belive in progress,democracy and equality because individual is the most important,he hates shallowness of middle class and mediocrity of the mass.For his equality for women meant sexual must be accompagned with love because without is a sterile experience.
Lady chatterley’s lover:This story is set in tevershall where the chatterley live in the their family.She is not happy with her husband because he cannot have children.Costance begins a relationship with Oliver Mellors.The story end with Mellors and Constance waiting for the divorce their divorces,so that they might start a new life together