Genesis and Catastophe



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One doctor visited a new patient, called Klara, and her child. They stayed in her room in an inn. The innkeper’s wife told the doctor, that she had arrived with her husband 3 months before. The rumour was, that the husband was an arrogant, overbearning, bully little drunkard while the wife was gentle and religious. For this reasons was always s ad and she never smiled. The husband had was on the 3rd marriage. The first wife had died and the othes had divorced from him for unsavoury reasons.
The husband worked at the customs – house on the border. The women had already been worried three times. She was nervus, because she had lost all her 3 children slowly, separately, one by one. Then she got happy again when she gave birth to another child. When their children were born, her husband said that they were small and weak. They baptised all of them at once, because they feored that they died either the same evening or the day after. In fact all the children died. After the funeral of one of their child, the husband walked among the gusts and offered them a glass of bier. When he met his wife during the funeral, he said that he had some good news for her. The good news was that thay had to pack all of their things and go away to another place. That meant for Klara that she had to choose another doctor as well.
The woman was very frightened because every time she packed, she had to choose another doctor and when she had a new baby and went to the doctor, her husband always said that the baby was too weak, would died and in fact died. ……………………………. She was afraid to lose this 4th baby too. When she went to the doctor and explained him her stor/the situation, she started/began to cry.
The doctor and innkeper’s wife wantted to try to confort Klara. The doctor said tha tthe child was good, healthy and beautiful. But she replayed that Otto, Gustav and Ida were like him. Finally the doctor was able to convince Klara to look at her child. She smiled for the firts time, because she found the courage to look her child into the eyes as she had never done it before. Suddenly the husband, Herr Hitler, arrived waiting for some news …………….. their child’s health. When he saw the son, he said again that he looked smaller then the other children. Finally the doctor broke in between Herr and Frau Hitler their conversation and he said that they had to give the child a chance. In fact, he looked so small and weak since he was just been born. They called him/ on the named Adolf, because it was similar Alois, the husband’s name.
At once Frau Hitler began to thank God and Herr Hitler was happy too and kissed her wife on her cheek.